West Palm Beach, Florida

apr from 8.99% to 13.24% they blamed the government and lack of account use. I have been loyal customer for years and never late on any payment.

they want me to call back in a month and beg for a lower rate. it all boils down to greed. i guess they thought i wouldn't notice on my bill. lucky that i can pay it off but what about the people who can't.

my advice to all is to boycott any and all rate jackers. take in a deep breath and smell the communism.

believe it or not there is an agenda.


Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Account.

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Chase attempted to increase my rate as well and unfortunately I did owe. Fortunately I caught it in time to close the account and maintain the 9.9%.

They send out a separate letter from the statement but they send so many offers I didn't use to pay close attention and you only have X number of days to basically say "do not accept" to the new rate. I still have to pay off the cc but they can't change the % on what I owe and I can't use the closed account which is not a problem.

Two years ago Capital One did the same thing to me but I didn't catch that one so I watch more carefully now.

I just had a nice surprise with my Costco AMEX that they lowered my rate. So far CitiBank has been good.


state farm has written me checks.we both bank at chase me and the insurance company so i am trying to figure out why they are putting 3 day holds on my checks. when i asked how i was supposed to cash it if i didn'gt have a acount for them to put a 3 day hold on and they said i would have to go to a check cashing place that charges 5% interest to cash it which would mean that i had to pay close to $600.00 to cash a check wrote on them....wtf??????????????


They are pushing up the rates on all thier loan account even credit cards, I was able to change out the morgage, but I have a 3.99% fixed rate on a consolidation balance tranfere loan on my chase C.C card with a balance of now of $22000 (started at $32000 two yrs ago), where I paid min. of at least 2% = $440 a mo.

(paying extra when I have it), well they chase decides that since they could not get away with ripping me off on the morgage, they would try to rip me off on the C.C. account. First the increased the min. payment to 5% in mid month after they had sent me the the monthly statement w/$440 min.

payment. I sent them $500 and they gave me a $39 late fee and said the min. was now $1010 and I owed them $1580 min. next mo.

or they would default to 29.99% interest.I paid them $2000 to clear and back payments. I asked them why and the supervisor accually said it was because they were not making big money on me. The supervisor after paying down $2000 also, offered me a 9.99% changeover rate for 2 years w/ a 5% bal. trans.

on the now $20000 = $1000 fee. This was an Chase trying to default the account to 29.99% or 2.5% monthly interest., then when I cought up with my emergence fund, they tried again w/ a higher limited time rate W/ A $1000 FEE TO BOOT!! I told them that they had caught me off balance, but I would stick with the low 3.99 year for the life of the loan, that I would just be paying it of quicker and each payment bring the monthly min. down.

If you have any kind of loan, C.C.,morgage, or business loan , transfer the balance to another bank as so as posible, and if chase really gets you behind the money train eightball, going bankrupt is always a option. Avoid doing business with them if you can!!!


chase messed up my credit . i don't want to pay them back because i hate them so much. they already got my money from the gov.


chase messed up my credit . i don't want to pay them back because i hate them so much. they already got my money from the gov.