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First of all i have had only one previous problem with J P MORGAN CHASE BANK and That was about 5 year's ago.This problem occured when J P MORGAN CHASE BANK allowed someone to come into their bank and Change my account .They got as far as changing my address before they were asked for I.D.I never actually go inside the bank unless i have some type of business to take of of.So when i went to the bank i went thru the drive thru as i usually do.Then all of a sudden the teller informed me that i needed to come inside the bank.When i parked my vehicle and Went inside this is when i was informed that someone tryed to withdraw money from my account and That they had placed an RED FLAG ON my account.I was also informed that i would have to come inside the bank for at lease 6 month's so they could monitor my account.Now here is the next problem with J P MORGAN CHASE BANK.I had an DEATH in my family.I was listed as the next of kin on the DEATH CERT right.So i take the DEATH CERT.To J P MORGAN CHASE BANK so i could get the remainder of the money out the bank to help with the FUNERAL.When i went into the bank the manager was standing in the lobby .I signed the log to be seen by a bank officer.For some reason the bank manager walked over to the sign in log and Picked up the sign in log and Called my name.He asked me what i need and I began to explain to the bank manager that their had been a DEATH in my family and That i had the death cert.Which named me as the next of kin.Before i could go any further,The bank manager started screaming at me in a loud tone that i could not do anything but either get a court order or Hire an ATTORNEY.I was very angry because of how the bank manager was speaking to me so i walked out of the bank.My concern is as follow's.It's not like their is a MILLION DOLLAR'S in the bank.As a matter of fact it is under $200.00.So why?Would i have to hire an ATTORNEY FOR SO LITTLE MONEY.And why?Would i need an court order if my name is on the DEATH CERT.As the next of kin.You know this is not right for J P MORGAN to be doing this type of thing.I am really thinking about just closing all my account's with them period.It's not like they do not know me.Actually this send's an LOUD MESSAGE ABOUT J P MORGAN CHASE BANK.A message that i do not care far.These are some GREEDY AS PEOPLE.And i do not APPRECIATE THIS TYPE OF TREATMENT NOT AT ALL.THIS TOOK PLACE AT THE J P MORGAN CHASE BANK ON MLK.

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What the Bank Manager SHOULD have taken you into their office and explained...If you are not named specifically as the Payable on Death designee on the Bank Account, you would need "Letters of Administration" from the Probate division of your county's court - OR - if the estate is very small, the Probate Court will sign off and designate someone (in this case, it would surely be you) to receive the asset(s). Being "listed on the Death Certificate" has nothing to do with bank accounts - or any other asset owned by the deceased.

It sounds as though the manager did not do a good job working with someone who may have been distraught over the loss of someone they love. However, as badly as he handled it, he was correct.


I too have had two losses in the family, one where $400k, was in an account (life insurance)and needed to be withdrawn. I feel for your loss but next of kin on the death certificate carries no legal authority, I was next of kin on my dads, but was not entitled to a dime, because I am not the executor of the estate you need a letter of administration from the judge naming you beneficiary of the estate.

With the high cost of a proper funeral 10k+ I know you need money now now now now, but you really can't expect a bank to go against state law, assuming your in the states take money from the deceased account and give it to someone without the proper paperwork. The estate will probably go into probate, which is time for any creditors to assess any claim towards the deceased assets.

You have to pay what you owe, before your heirs get the rest.


Took 6+ months to complete our probate. It is a time consuming and aggravating process, but completely necessary to protect the deceased and their assets, as well as creditors.

Look up next of kin on DC and see what type of legal authority you have, absolutely zero. The Death Certificate is produced usually at the funeral home, and this is also where you are asked who you want listed as next of kin.

The funeral home director can put anyone's name, that doesn't give it legal authority. The DC is used as proof of the passing, which absolutely needs a document with some court authority, accompanying it if you want to get anything done.




This is an update to my previous post.J P MORGAN CHASE BANK to this date has not released the remainder of fund's in my brother's account.As a matter of fact i recieved a letter stating the remainder of the fund's were released to the STATE OF TEXAS.I am in the process of closing my account with J P MORGAN CHASE BANK at this time.


Unfortunately, you would have needed a legal document - here in Canada it's called a Power of Attorney (financial). This is sometimes set out in a will, and other times a person can have this form legally notarized by a lawyer. Under Power of Attorney, a person can appoint a person they wish to take care of their financial matters - in the event of their passing, or should they become I'll that they no longer can make those decisions. (There's also another type of Power of Attorney which relates to health matters).

The person appointed would usually be responsible for managing this person's financial matters - including managing their assets and paying off outstanding debts as well.

When there's no Power of Attorney set/appointed or no mention in a will, the bank freezes the assets and it's left to the government to ensure that any outstanding taxes /debts are paid out.....and I believe the remainder of assets would go to family.

That's why it's a good idea (no matter what age) to have both a LIVING and After-Life will done up - for both your health and financial matters.

Oh and by no means, should ANYONE within a bank speak with you in an insensitive manner. There are always ways to elevate your concerns - you always have the option of contacting head office.

Hope this was helpful