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I always check my current available balance by logging in on chase login through the internet web page that chase provides us and this I might add was highly recommended by my bankers in Rockwall, TX. off of HWY 66.

My routine on a daily or every other day is to check my current balance as I stated and when I checked my positive balance available Thursday night as always I only had cents available. Well, the next day being Friday morning I logon to chase website and check/confirm my new positive available balance as I do every morning after my payroll deposit has been made after the midnight before and there was a balance positive availability of $524 and cents for the previous pay week period! So, I proceed with my routine which is to go to my bank and withdraw $500 dollars to make all bill pmts. The overwhelming surprise I had Sat.

as you can imagine when I found out that I had a negative balance of $90 something dollars and change was unbelievable because just the day before being Friday in the evening or late afternoon I still only had a positive available balance of $24 and change. I first thought I know that I don't have overdraft protection because I made sure to sign the waiver/disclosure not to have it so I visited the nearest branch to my job in Rockwall off of Hwy I-30 and the loan officer recognized the problem being that the online chase login is always correct in that it will always give us the most accurate current available balance so I did have $524 and cents available so he stated to me that he was going to correct my balance but, to my surprise he was only going to remove the insufficient funds fee and not bring my balance positive as it should seeing how all of the overdraft was created by their system? I proceed to call the 1-800 customer service help line and after explaining to the rep. my scenario she over looks the fact that she was rushing to conclusions in reference to why the entire problem had come to be.

The rep. says that she completely understands and agrees so therefore she will take my number down and have her manager call me because evidently he/she will be able to further assist me but, as you can probably imagine I received no such return call!!!! This morning is Friday and I will be making my last withdrawal from chase bank on 1/06/2012.

I was in the Marine Corps for eleven yrs and I am an extremely patient person but, sometimes it is sad to say that the truth is most financial institutions would rather lead you on and create more uncertainty in the hopes that we the consumer or customer would much rather decide that (whatever) is a better option and just give up. My bills are still going to continue being there and if i allow the bank to delay any longer even they are aware of further fees they can charge me legitimately if I do not act right away instead of waiting for them to take there sweet time to resolve my problem that there system created.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Manager.

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I am a chase customer also and am having the same issue.Only i check by phone balnace readings and so woth but when depsiting money through the ATM I lost a few dollars more than i depostied as if a transfer and withdrawl was being made at the same time as i was depositing to my checking account.another time while i was checking my balance by phone I was told of a a 20 balance,which was correct by my records and caculations,then 2 minutes later checked it again and so that could check savings too and was given a negative balance.Someone was and still is really extorting funds 10-20 at a time out of my account and the bvank it self has excuses to try to make me look ignorant as the customer everytime. I figure it is a matter of time before I catch my corperate,maybe even land me a seat working in the bank.


why can I not log on to myaccountchase? Its like the link never existed and I need to check why cash was missing from my account? Customer care has NO Link or extension to talk on the phone about my online account or questionable balance.