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I applied for a Loan Modification with Chase Bank, formerly WAMU, 18 months ago. To this date it is still in "process." I started this application before I needed it as I do now, to advert to any delay in payments for my mortgage, due to loss of income, etc. with a sinking sub prime mortgage market and economy.

During these 18 months, Chase has lost my file 3 times, required documents 6 different times "after" they have signed and received them into their system. If I did not track every phone call, every documents, etc. every 10 days, I would not be in this process to this degree. My file would have been in no man's land. But I want and need this loan modification, so here I am.

I have been directed by Chase in October 2009 to re-file for the Loan Modification- only "if you are 60 days late" would they take the application for the "new" Loan Modification. I filed again in October under their rules and being late has ruined my credit. Further, they lost more documents I sent in with the application, thus terminating my application. I refiled again in December 2009 and then was grated a "3 Month Trial Period Loan Modification" during which time they set the amount due each month,at the same time Chase is charging me late fees and reporting a negative to my credit file. I was early each month with my payment. In February 2010 I was requested by Chase to send an "entire" new documentation for this Trial Program. I did - 194 pages worth, plus hand signed bank statements because they don't accept copies. I did it all over and over again and sent them in early. Now, Chase is requiring a whole new file, including another (3rd) appraisal, because the appraisal they did in February 2010 is "outdated." To this date I am still waiting for a permanent Loan Modification, but they say I need new documents, after they signed and received the previous 6 files! I use to think (back in 2009) that Chase was just incompetent. Now I know this behavior is intentional - they simply want you to default, ruin your credit and continue the mess of the financials. I feel Chase has behaved in a conscious way to ruin my credit, poise themselves as "helping" you and spreading untruths with more and more delays and business smoke screens so they will not lend the money and keep people in their homes. And didn't our government lend them money to help this? The demoralization that Chase and all the other banks who created this economic downfall know exactly what they are doing.

I know I am not alone in this process. There are thousands of other people, families that are doing and experiencing the same pathetic behavior and it's all going to come out in some huge class action suit later when all the cards come in.

I won't give up.

Thanks for listening.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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that is exactly what they did to me between 2009-2010. they make you beg for that modification and now there screwing up my mortgage again in 2013 with an increase in my payment of over $250 per month that they know i can't afford of social security.

THEY DON'T CARE. they said to reapply for another modification. i told them they will never put me through that *** again as i would have a heart attack if i tried. i'm getting my paperwork together to file a lawsuit and see where that goes as i have no other option.

they have NO right to hold your payments like they did to me.

i never missed a payment and they said i had to show they were late to do the modification so they held payments for several months and trasked my credit while they did it. now it's payback time i've had enough of these crocks.


We first filed our modification paperwork in July 2009. After doing everything Chase asked,sending the paperwork 7 times, calling every couple of weeks to check the progress, we finally get a FedEx package from Chase.

Ripping it open and fully believing we've been granted our modification, the letter simply states they are denying us the modification, we can pay everything we owe plus all the late fees within 30 days or they are proceeding with the foreclosure. You know what...they beat us.

After 16 years in the same house, never missing a payment, near perfect credit, we're done. They can have it and I hope the bigwigs at Chase burn in ***.


Chase promised me a modification for two years I have applied three times. I stopped giving them money I know they are playing games.

I read where people sent them monthly payments and never got a modification. They started foreclosure on me.

Everytime you fill out for a modification the government gives chase money. Florida needs a class action law suit against chase.


i am in same boat , husband died i lost half of income. Qualify in every way for modification.

applied November09. But i do recommend you contact hud or look up agencies for making home affordable. they are free to you ( they get paid a fee from hud or government) but you do not pay. I fax Chase and housing opportunities same paperwork so i have a record with hud of all documents sent.

So far Chase doesn't care but my family is helping me i am no later than 20 days on my mortgage ( Chase wouldn't change due date to end of month when i get social security) they are not allowed to charge late fees once you have applied for Obama loan modification page 10 of home affordable program guidelines March 4, 2009 states UNPAID lATE fEES WAIVED. CONTACT Chase and tell them they are violating government guidelines trying to charge late fees. be persistent and have them removed immediately because they will add up quickly. I go to my local Chase bank and have them fax all paperwork and have them call to have fee removed if I am unsuccessful.

They know who to call. hang in there so now they've been made accountable for trying to mess over Military, how about widows, families with children next. good luck be persistent.

look on the computer and make sure you hang in there. maybe some lawyer will decide there is a class action case, i doubt it Chase is too powerful.


How many copies of the same paperwork would actually be needed by CHASE for a loan modification? How about three or four full sets of 15+ pages only to get the same *** from CHASE talking about paperwork not submitted on time or even worst, I mentioned to the representatives that I was getting laid of and they made my wife file the paperwork again (that makes 5 times) only to tell her that she does not make enough to qualify for a loan modification.

I think the banks are actually after the homes of people who cannot afford the payments whether they qualify or not under Obama's recovery plan. Who's watching the banks and their dishonest practices?????????

Maybe some high ranked politician has some money invested on CHASE or someone is getting sweet kickbacks to just look the other way. So much for helping families keep their homes.

I'm also in the same boat. I'm finally in the "trial period" and yet to receive any documents.

They keep telling me that they have sent them FedEx yet nothing for 4 months. I'm working through a modification company and my representative is always getting the run around. I'm truly thinking about just stopping all payments. If they want my condo that is worth 45% of what I paid, they can have it.

They have already ruined my credit, charging for late fees, ect.. that a foreclosure on the report won't make a difference. Three yeard of this BS is absolutely ridiculous.

If there is a class action suit in FL please let me know. :( :(

Same here,ditto ditto ditto, only with our case they keep telling us that "you make too much", because they qualify you on your gross income. Who the _ _ _ _ does that?

Who care what we gross, all I know is what I bring home, thats what pays the bills,right? Where is the class action law suit that we need, I'M IN!


Your story is exactly like mine. Have you had any success yet. I am trying to find legal help do you know anyone that can hel?


I am in the same situation and in addition Chase stated to me that my home was in foreclosure and listed with an agent. I was given the agents name and phone number only to find that my property is not listed and the agent has no record of my property.

Chase has denied 2 very good short sale offers on my property even though the property is covered by PMI and no other home in the area has sold for what they contend my home is worth. There were two home in the subdivision much nicer than mine that both sold for 80 and 60 thousand less than what chase is asking. I submitted a buyer with an offer only 20 thousand less than Chase's offer only to be denied. Trying to help the home owner?

I don't think so. Trying to sell these home? Doubt it.

It seems that the Banks and Insurance companies are working together in keeping these programs from working. There needs to be a class action suit to deal with these obvious untruths!


Ditto to all the above...

After 20 years of home ownership, great credit, great business, Chase is destroying everything! I've been trying to refi since 2008 following a near fatal car accident. Same BS--Chase's too busy filing foreclosures so I'm told by them to stop making payments for 3 months and Chase will then contact me to refinance.

Instead of the anticipated phone call, a sheriff serves me with a foreclosure notice!!!

Since then, Chase WILL NOT accept my mortgage payments, has provided zero communication, lost numerous documents, lost offers to refinance, changed interest rate offers at random.

After 3 years of mediation, hearings, lawyer fees (mine) Chase won't even comply with the comply with the court order to provide documents. The foreclosure is dismissed without prejudice which means Chase can refile if and when they get their act together.

I've been in business for 20+ years and now firmly believe Chase is deferring the filing of foreclosures intentionally in order to show fewer foreclosures so as to artificially bouy their stock for as long as they can. Then insiders will sell short just before Chase is forced to reconcile the millions of mortgages they've destroyed.

Any class action in Ohio, if so, pls. advise!


I do not have to post my story since everyone here in some way share my plight. Just piece everyone's story together and you will get the common American's story when dealing with chase. If anyone has more info on a CLAS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST CHASE PLEASE POST IT SOMEWHERE!


Thank you all for sharing your nightmares dealing with Chase on loan mod. I get some comfort knowing that I am not alone.

I have been in the loan mod process sicne Sept 2009 and my application is still "under review". I pretty much call chase every week to "bug" and have updated my paper work 3 times already for the last 12 mos.

Initially I gave chase the benefit of the doubt that they are "overwhelmed" but it looks like the delay is intentional. Count me if there is any class action suit.


we are doing a class action in california

if are interested please call 805 215-8622


I am in the exact same scenario... It is true, they want you to default. They will sell the house for .50 on the dollar and get reimbursed for the remainder of the original mortgage...


What a scam this is. I have only been involved in the process for 4 mos so far but very close to giving up and just stopping my payments.

I am with both Chase and GMAC and they both seem to have it down to a science when it comes to loosing paperwork or needing additional copies of this and that. It don't matter who you speak with they all are either completely *** or very good actors. I also think Obama is another looser along with them, We are suppose to think that Obamas making home affordable program is wonderful. They should have just given all that money to the homeowners I think it would have been much more beneficial.

I am just so pissed off at the banks and our new President, Of course this is not his fault it is still Bush's fault. Bush will be blamed until this country goes into bankruptcy and is then taken over by China or some Muslim radicals.

(Friends or relatives of Obama)

Kind of seems like his plan. If you don't think so then name one thing that he has done for our country that has worked to help this country.


hi liza so what is the lates update now on your modification? we are on the same boat. I just dont know where to run anymore


It's somehow comforting to find all these experiences which are EXACTLY like mine! At first I thought they were just overwhelmed with work, and it was just an accident that they kept losing my paperwork.

I continued to give them the benefit of the doubt made payments and continued to re-submit paperwork and make calls to make sure everything was in order. One day they gave me ELEVEN different numbers to call! It was downright surreal. I started the loan mod process in October 2008 and as of last month have stopped making my payment - after I was denied for having failed to submit the "required documentation." Maybe they will be able to find my paperwork now that they are going to have to foreclose.

They can have the *** house - we're upside down by $120K. I've lived here for 25 years and started this process as a responsible person who was willing to pay the loan. No more.

They can *** me. And I want in on the lawsuit!!!!


Yesterday I met in person with my Congresswoman, Lois Capps, about my loan modification history with JPMorgan Chase. This meeting was set after I wrote a complaint letter to Ms. Capps office explaining in detail about my 18th month process with Chase.

I urge all who are in a loan modification to contact your local congress office and register a written complaint about your process. The purpose is to build awareness on a government level so that all of us (100 million people are in loan modifications) will be heard and that the channels of communication are started and eventually heard. The banks have clearly created this smoke screen so that they don't have to loan the money, especially when they are paid by the insurance companies when you foreclose. This behavior by Chase, and other banks, is a destruction of this economy that is demoralizing beyond belief, however it appears to be the reality - all the while we keep sending in more documents!

So, get writing.

I am looking into the possibilty of a Class Action Suit, although I have not found a firm that will undertake this effort.


Thank you for writing this. I'm in EXACTLY the same boat with loan mod for 15 mos! Trial period started last Aug 09 and I'm still paying everymonth but theyre saying that I"m behind 6 mos .

I fax new docs every 60 days and now i'm not even qualified for government programs and have to go thru THEIR Chase loan mod?? Denied for "negative equity". That's *** cuz I can pull a title search and know that my house is NOT of negative equity. I received NO LETTER stating the DENIAL.

Meanwhile my credit is ruined and I am their mercy. this is so injust . Count ME IN on class action suit and i"m in Los Angeles, CA


Voice: 323.639.3372


Thank you for writing this. I'm in EXACTLY the same boat with loan mod for 15 mos! Trial period started last Aug 09 and I'm still paying everymonth but theyre saying that I"m behind 6 mos .

I fax new docs every 60 days and now i'm not even qualified for government programs and have to go thru THEIR Chase loan mod?? Denied for "negative equity". That's *** cuz I can pull a title search and know that my house is NOT of negative equity. I received NO LETTER stating the DENIAL.

Meanwhile my credit is ruined and I am their mercy. this is so injust . Count ME IN on class action suit and i"m in Los Angeles, CA


Voice: 626.872.5067

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