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Viewing my free annual credit report I found an inquiry from Chase Bank, Wilmington, Del. Called the company and was told I had never applied for, or been denied a card with them.

I TOTALLY agreed and told them the same and the problem was they made a hard inquiry and I wanted it removed. Followed their directives to fac all pertinent information along with credit report copy. Received letter a month later explaining that an application was processed in February 2011. I called back in February 2012 and AGAIN was told I had never placed an application with them and I was nowhere in their system.

Again, I agreed and told them this was the exact point I was trying to make. Ihave made 8 contacts in 3 months with Chase and continually been told they need to do "another" dispute. No one at Chase will give me any form of documentation that I have previously called. They have no idea who sent me the letter and cannot even find a reference number that is on the letter.

To date I still have an inquiry from Chase for a credit card i never asked for, and according to Chase they don't even have an application from me. Spoke with multiple customer service reps, senior service reps, correspondence department, and their security department. All of which keep telling me to submit the information to them AGAIN. Enough is enough- if they want to do illegal inquires to a consumers credit report, they someone within that organization needs to be prosecuted for identity theft.

Let's start with Jamie Diamond. He is in effect over ALL the Chase employees and responsible for thier actions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Credit Card.

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I have the same issue, im hiring an attorney.