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my account was hacked into.I got a low balance warning message 24 hours after the fact.When I called I had to make an affidavit stating that I did not perform the transaction, only to be denied the claim.When I called I was asked if anyone visited our house.I said only my two granddaughters.They said maybe they hacked into the account.(they are 8 and 5 years old.)If you have an account with them close your account and take your money somewhere else.If anyone knows of a way to sue them make a post and let us know how to get at them for been condescending. The way they have treated us makes me feel as if someone inside the bank did this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1900.

Chase Bank Cons: Unethical business practices, Worse customer service ever.

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Your situation is symptomatic of Chase not wanting to admit fault.

Chase is also lying in a recent article about its accounts not having been compromised. On 16 Sept 15 a Mory Aboubacar Sahno gained access to my Chase Account and made international wire transfers.

One of the four transfers went through the Toronto Dominion Bank in Quebec and another through a J.P. Morgan Chase branch in Delaware. I contacted Chase immediately after noticing a wire transfer I did not make, bu they ultimately denied my claim to have the money put back into my account. This Mory Aboubacar even created a profile in my account listing a phone number in Quebec 514-416-4631.

That allowed him to get the codes to access my account on line. Chase told me that they recognized my computer from its IP address and that the transfers were made from my computer. After more than 20 minutes of loud conversation and Chase saying they were not allowed to tell me what the IP Address of “my own computer” was, they finally relented and provided me with the IP Address of "my computer" which the customer service representative said was: mozilla/S.O.Windows NT 6.1

After telling them that this was not an IP Address it took me another 10-15 minutes to get the actual IP Address which came from San Jose CA and was not my Internet Service provider at all. The IP used came from EGI Hosting in San Jose (50.117.

78.154) and they told me that the person using it was using a proxy/VPN.

Chase never followed up and has not returned my funds. This is of course a tactic to avoid having to admit that accounts were in fact compromised. They simply say the customer's claim was fraudulent.

I sent a fax to their fraud department and also spoke with customer service, and they are simply incompetent. When I visited the Chase branch in Riverpark/Fresno for

assistance, the bank manager there was very helpful but at the same time puzzled and

frustrated by the main corporate office she called for an explanation of my claim denial. I am currently exploring legal action and also intend to publicize the fact that Chase is either negligent/incompetent or intentionally lying to the public.

Since this happened to my account it invariably also happened to others. .