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in 1999 we bought our first house the loan was with CHASE. it was a 5-1 ARM with PMI and a escrow.

the payment kept going up any time they could the last time was 2005 when we re-zoned the house. they raised the escrow because our homes value had gone up. We ask to end the PMI they said no. We refinanced with WAMU.

the home appraised for 156,000.00 we owed 106,400. all was good till my daughter was hurt in a accident with the babysitter. we fell three month's behind on our credit card with Chase they went to garnish our wages after they were contacted by FISK to work out a repayment. We filed chapter 7 to stop the garnishment.

we stayed current on our first and second all the way to today. Chase took over our mortgage after the bankruptcy. as all was done as WAMU wanted we thought we were OK. we have a 30 year fixed conventional mortgage no escrow.

In 2010 both of our hours we cut at work and we tried to refi. the banks were told we were in a active Bankruptcy even having the discharge papers did not help Chase had set a trap. We tried the making home affordable program and the trap went off! we sent in paperwork over and over into 2011 when chase said we missed a payment in 2010.

We did not miss a payment. they called over and over and sent letters of intent to foreclose. we filed with the OCC and the credit burrows. no help chase cleaned up until the complaints ended and then started to report late payments to the CRB's our credit tanked and our insurance canceled.

we now pay much more. Chase offers us a deed in lue We should have just stopped paying and let them foreclose. in 2012 we stopped trying the mod game Chase forced a escrow and held payments in suspense. we filed with the OCC, CRB's and CPB.

We had arranged a repayment of the escrow and Chase added it to our mortgage. they had agreed to keep it separate in 2012 then the collectors started calling we had to agree to a higher payment. they would not do a review of the payments or mortgage balance as we had not reaffirmed with Chase. they were not the mortgage owner in 2006.

we called our attorney and were told wait till 2013 it will be seven years and all will be OK. in 2013 we were called by the foreclosure dept the collection dept and the modification dept all ended with you did not yet reaffirm go file again and do it right. we filed with the OCC. Jan 2014 the OCC said all was settled.

we checked our credit and it was the first time over 700. in march we went to refi and it was 649 chase started reporting on our credit in feb. and now we were back to square one. We called Chase again and were told we were current and could stay in our house till Nov 2016 as that is when they will foreclose as the protection of bankruptcy would end.

we tried to file with the OCC they refused. the credit burrows said just work it out with Chase. We tried to hire a attorney no one believes us. we have now hired a Bankruptcy attorney.

and are trying to reopen the bankruptcy to sue chase. it has been put in abatement. We tried to make a offer to settle and received a reply of WE DECLINE. Should not the settlement with the OCC (many billions) the treasury (more Billions) or the attorney general achieve something.

WE ARE STILL CURRENT under water and drowning. And our time is worth something. I want two questions answered.Why four years of our lives and only one week for the attorney to get you to admit we never missed a payment?

and how much do we need to sue for to teach Chase what customer service means. Now talk to our Attorney.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $286000.

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The attn. gen.

Here settled in court with the big five. Told us to settle with chase.


It is still going on. 19000 in legal bills over four years.

Now chase fixed the reporting our credit is going up and our insurance down. But chase won't pay us for our cost


File a complaint with your Attorney General. You can do this rather easily directly from their web site.

They will investigate and help. I am currently doing this myself and feel it is all almost over. The attorney assigned to my case keeps a very close eye on the entire process.

No out of pocket expense. Good Luck!