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Got a car loan thru Subaru. They use Chase.

Everything went thru okay. I typically make more than minimum payment to bring down the principal. I had issues with them not putting the extra to principal but just to the next payment, which helps me not at all, and makes them richer because it doesn't reduce my total payment. I thought I had this all corrected.

Statement shows extra going to principal. But it doesn't! Just noticed on latest statement that I don't owe anything for 9 months. I was furious, but just called to get payoff amount.

Complained about $ not going to principal and she just had excuses.

Like Chase doesn't make enough money without ripping people off. I don't trust them and neither should you!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Its the same thing. If you just payed from now on whats due you would finish 9 months early

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