I made payment arrangements last summer to pay my HELOC while on vacation. I spoke with a wonderful and pleasant representative on the phone, made a future phone payment and thought all was well.

To my surprise, the representative did not complete the transaction. I did not know they did not do what they advised, until their collections department called me. After that ordeal, I ended up setting up auto payments on-line. Two separate times, the auto-pay failed without my knowledge.

We are not talking "lack of funds," but a system that had errors and "magically" cancelled out the auto-pay. I spoke with Chase and they reassured me that nothing would be reported late because of the issue. They have some phone representatives that are great at convincing their clients that they are taking care of them. Each time I have been told they were taking care of a payment issue, they LIED.

I guess most people never find out they lied. I only found out because we paid off our mortgage and HELOC and we wanted to buy a new house and had our credit reports run. Unfortunately, it gets worse. My realtor asked me to go with her to a local branch to get someone in person to help me.

I gave the branch manager the details of what happened. The branch manager told me "Chase NEVER admits mistakes." She also told me "it is your word against ours." I was floored. After leaving the branch, in shock of her lack of customer service, I once again, did what my realtor advised me to do. I called CHASE until I could get someone to help me.

I only needed them to send me letters stating what happened to cause late payments on my credit report. I did receive several. They weren't exactly what happened, but they were what I needed, so I accepted the help. It was nice that someone was willing to actually help me.

Later, when I called Chase to find out who I could send a thank you to, they said they showed no such letters sent. Ok, what is wrong with this company? I was mocked and yelled at by a phone rep, treated with kindness and respect by another, sent letters apologizing for their errors, yet "I spoke to nobody!" They win the award for craziness. Needless to say, I haven't sent any thank you letters.

I am still waiting for them to fix the problem. I have not heard anything from them. I just thank GOD that my loan is paid off and I don't have to deal with them ever again. I am just disappointed that they would say one thing and do another.

Then, they did one thing and said another. I will just have to wait until this mess comes off of my credit report next year.

It is sad that they can have so much power over our lives.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Loan.

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