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I worked for Chase Collection Center in Irving TX for 2 years in 06-08. Its a call center located at 3600 Regent Blvd. This company was the most unethical perverted company I ever heard off. They had just opened the collection center and were hiring a lot of people. The only ones that got moved up into management were people that slept into the position. Not kidding. I have never seen anything like this in my life. The AVP would leave during lunch with his manager friends and they would smoke drugs. The manager I worked for would harass and taunt our team. In one month the ambulance came twice for employees whose health became critical from the stress (one had a heart attack and the other I think was a lupus attack) . The stress level was insanely high and morale very low. I am a young person but my blood pressure was high, that is the only job I have ever walked out of in my life.


Remember the wild fires in 2007 in CA. Well, the foreclosure department was located there. Most of the foreclosure reps were in that office. When they were required to evacuate the area Chase did nothing to handle the loans. They said that foreclosed homes and the ones that were about to go into fcl ,those calls would be routed to the Irving office but the staff wasn't even 1/4 of the California staff. I would walk by and see the Irving Loss Mitigation Department staff hanging up on customers or putting calls on hold for over an hour because they were so overwhelmed and sick of the inbound calls. They would just put the call on hold and go on break in the break room. Loans that had customers calling to try and save their homes before an attorney was assigned to the loan.. lost their homes. By the time the customer got someone on the phone that was willing to get them on a payment plan there had already been an attorney assigned and there was a 2k retainer fee that was required to be paid up front by the customer. It could have been avoided if they had someone to answer their call within the previous five days. This went on for a whole month. You would think that Chase would put a freeze on their computer system to stop any foreclosures but they didn't care. I saw them foreclose on house after house and it was so depressing. I finally hit my breaking point when one day a contractor called in who worked for Chase doing property preservation which upkeeps the empty houses after foreclosure. The contractor was saying that he had to witness a family get kicked out of the house because they were still there and they had no where to go. They had a little girl and the contractors company had to throw her princess table and her toys out in the front dumpster while the family watched. I reviewed the loan history and during the time foreclosure started the loan was in a research dispute with the customer claiming that they weren't behind four payments, after a modification had been done. After reviewing the loan they were right they weren't behind as much as Chase says they were but the research department was run by a young guy straight out of college that had no experience and neither did the staff. I had worked in research department for Citifinancial and I knew how to correct payments at different interest rate levels (which was the issue). What happens is for ARM loans (adjustable rate mortgages) when interest rates go up payment corrections become more complicated and if you're not trained you can't correct the payment dispute right. You'll leave the account in a negative status.

At that time the mortgage bubble burst (2007) and they had no extension programs for customers. When everyone lost their job Chase had no assistance to offer. I have story after story about this company and it was very sad to go to work every single day and make people homeless with no help for them. I think now they do have extension programs but for the thousands they threw out on the street its too late. I spoke to grown educated successful men on the phone crying for his kids to have a place to live and no sympathy from Chase for any of those people. They are a very cold company. No human factor. I had worked at CitiFinancial Mortgage before and they always had assistance programs. One thing I admired about their Citis foreclosure department is that they would do an account analysis before deciding whether to foreclose or not. I was a 90 day collector (right before foreclosure is started on loans) so I was the last attempt to get arrangements before we assigned the attorney. I would often go into my accounts to read notes from the foreclosure dept. They would say "Customer disabled/ do not proceed with foreclosure/ Recommend charge off" or "Loan balance less than 10k/ Do not proceed with foreclosure". I know that some bad things have been said about Citi but they really do have a compassionate human factor and care about their PR image. When I left Citi and went to work for Chase (for career advancement) I felt like I was working for the devil because Chase is so cold and evil. I mentioned above the loan balance being under 10k and not to proceed with foreclosure. What happens is that when a customer has already been paying on a home and only owes so little on it Citi decides not to foreclose, that's unethical. Chase doesn't care how many years you've been paying on the house and 25 years in you get cancer but only owe a small balance... THEY WILL FORECLOSE!

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