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I opened up a credit card account with Chase Bank about a year and a half ago.

Their customer service has been anything but helpful. Right from the beginning I had problems with them.

First they said I went over my limit even though I absolutely did not. Because of that they waived the introductory offer of 0% interest and began charging me interest fees from the second month on. I tried tallking to several people and all I heard was "no".

After paying on time and paying more than the minimum balance every month for a year and a half I asked if they would please lower my extremely high interest rate. Again Chase said "no".

I then put the entire balance on a credit card with 0%.

Today I received yet another charge and bill from Chase even though the account balance was $0.00. And, yet again I asked questioned them and was told that amount was due, and "no" they will not do anything about it.

At that point I was so fed up with their lack of care for a loyal customer that I closed the account.

I also do all of my other banking with them and now I must seriously rethink if I want to stay with them altogether.

I would advise anyone and everyone to choose any other company over Chase Bank.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Banking Service.

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I love my Chase Bank in Dallas,Texas.I get free checking-Free checks-I can go online and Pay my bill's if i desire to do so.Chase wanted me to get an Chase Credit Card but i decided not to because i only needed one Credit Card and I already have one so i do not need Chase's Credit Card.Everyone at my MLK location is very helpful and Very professional.When i do go inside the bank i am greeted with a smile,The csr even song happy birthday to me on my birthday WoW.That was very nice of them.Once Someone tryed to take money out of my account without my consent this was caught immediately and I was notified the same day that this matter took place.My account was flagged and For 6 mos.My account was monitered so this could not take place again.I have nothing but good thing's to say about Chase Bank.Keep up the good work.


the employees are not even educated on their banks own policies. they are not help full and they are thieves.

I am closing my account this week.

One chase rep said that they could mail proof of payments to my home the other said no they can only fax it another said go to one of their branches .

I went to a branch in Manhattan they said to print it out yourself.

These ppl forgot that they work for us the account holders??? :(


I hate chase too, they trick you into this online billing payments then when you need proof for a court of law they give you a flimsy print out the is a piece of ***. they are all in this together.


My father passed away and left some IRA Money which has to have

his minimum distribution taken out. Have been trying to set it up for six months (needs to be done by 12/31/13) still no paperwork

was done properly. My aunt works for the IRA dept for another bank, so I am aware of my rights and what needs to be done.

My account managers are idiots. It is a simple estate account and they do not have a clue. I am wonder what they do with people who

have big money. I have already wrote the executives and told them

if this not get done by weeks end, I will have to contact the State Attorneys General office. and seek some restitution. They are horrible with money management (considering they are supposed to be Private Client) you would think they would be more specialized. I doubt they could count to ten...

What they also do not realize I worked for attorneys and know who and how to sue; not just Chase. I have kept records of who I spoke with how to include their names in a lawsuit if it comes to that. they do think their slick, but their not...

I have had no problems with their credit cards, tellers and/or customer service over the phone, they have always been helpful.


Although you transferred your balance you may have failed to include the interest that had accrued from the date of your last payment and the date the balance was transferred. Once you pay the interest that accrued you will have a zero balance.

When I transfer a balance I always add what the interest that was charged on the previous bill. Hope this helps explain what may have happened in your case.


i went to chase to transfer money to my checking accout from my saving account because i dont have enough money on my checking account.. month later i was charged 50 dollar for insuficient fund when i ask the teller why i was charge she said i have no money enough to pay the bill..i told her that i transfer money from my saving to my checking she check and found that the teller transfer from my checking to saving she give me back 25 dollar only not 50 dollar that they charge me .there are so many incompetent employee .


my husband and i HATE chase as well!!!!!!!!!


Chase Mortgage took my $395 application fee and did not complete my loan process. I have been a mortgage customer with chase for 7 years and wanted to refinance to a lower interest rate.

The bank sent me a request for me to send a signed letter about my phone number and address. I asked why and got a smart *** answer back so I asked for their manager to call me and explain why they need this information when I have 3 cc and a home mortgage (outstanding credit score) with Chase and they have all of my personnel information. The manager never called me or contacted me and answered my question. So I sent a letter to Corporate Office in New York with all my emails with my mortgage agent and since I have been a loyal customer that they were wanting needless information.

A woman called me stating that she was calling from corporate office and wanted to know my problem (I explained in detail my problem in the letter with supporting documents). I informed her that I wanted my application fee back since I received poor customer service from them. She told me that she would contact them and get back with me. When she called me back the next day...she told me that the local office did not want to give me back my application fee so I will not be getting it returned to me.

I was completely in shocked and I asked her what is the corporate position and she stated that it was not going to return my money. I asked her to give this info to an corporate officer and she told me that she was a corporate office..I knew she was not due to the fact that she never understood my problem for the beginning. I told her that I did not realize that a office would tell a corporate office what to do. Chase will lose about $6000 a year over $ Chase needs to train their corporate officers to be professional and have intelligence.

Chase has lost all of my business. Way to go Chase, you really do care about your customers...NOT.


I hate Chase Bank, they take out my daughters fees in her bank account for absolutely no reason! they promised they wouldn't do that anymore, but that was just theyre money-hungry mouth talking.



I *** hate chase :( their service is *** . their policies and customer service is *** ! DO NOT BANK WITH THEM


Chase is the worst place to work. Well Jamie just a little insight if you can't be a gofor your manager you will never get any where within the company.


what bank needs to pay people to use it? Chase.

That says it all. They lie cheat and pretend they dont get payments even if you mail it weeks in advance. It took me months to prove i paid a payment and reduce the 800 they added as they claimed it was late. they they put on my credit when i was filing that they were mistaken.

there own rules say they should not do it. they calculate interest incorrectly and cheat you on every possible fee.

AVOID them..oh and i found out care credit is chase. avoid anything to do with this crooked bank.


Those jerks.

I used their credit card to pay the fee on a money order that i bought with cash. (the remaining 79 cents after my money order total was what i put on my credit card as i did not have any other cash).

two days later a transaction fee pops up on my account and they said that the moneytree fee was considered a "cash advance" and the minimum charge is 10 dollars.

Frickin snakes!! I HATE chase.


hahahahahhahahahaahha home affordable program is not for pple who have enough money and pay on time. hahahahahahaha


I am looking for individuals to join me in a potential Class Action lawsuit against Chase Bank for violating my home owner rights and failing to follow Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) guidelines. If your property is in New York were approved for the trial period, made all of your scheduled payments on time, andthen you were denied for a modification, please contact me. joejoe1815 @ gmail .com


I had a worse time with them, I had Washington Mutual and then got switched to chase, first thing they did for no reason was raise my interest rates on my CC and closed the account, now I had never been late and never missed a payment and wasn't even close to my limit. so I closed all of my accounts and went to the credit union, now I am switching my CC to the credit union, they will give 8.25% interest and their rates will never go above 12%.

I just got a used car loan from the Credit union, 3.75%, and now just now found out they can give me a better deal on Auto insurance, I add a car and upped my coverage and it is now half the price of GEICO. GO TO THE CREDIT UNION!


I had a worse time with them, I had Washington Mutual and then got switched to chase, first thing they did for no reason was raise my interest rates on my CC and closed the account, now I had never been late and never missed a payment and wasn't even close to my limit. so I closed all of my accounts and went to the credit union, now I am switching my CC to the credit union, they will give 8.25% interest and their rates will never go above 12%.

I just got a used car loan from the Credit union, 3.75%, and now just now found out they can give me a better deal on Auto insurance, I add a car and upped my coverage and it is now half the price of GEICO. GO TO THE CREDIT UNION!


The nightmare of Chase Bank......

In December of 2009, I found out I was losing my job as a self employed medical transcriptionist, working from home due to car accident related injuries. I had this job for 8 years. We contacted Chase, our mortgage holder (for the small older home we bought in 2007 before the housing market fell), to tell them what was about to happen to be proactive so we would not run into any credit problems and have them help us with an easy solution. HA HA.

It's been 16 months. If anyone I knew did our jobs the way Chase did, they would all be fired. The reason I have lost my job as a medical transcriptionist is because of the wonderful government’s involvement of the EMR systems that doctors must use for their medical records. This takes away the jobs of transcriptionists, and is a faulty system to say the least. Doctors should be treating patients, not having their nose in a computer. So the government sticks their nose into medical records, and it’s a mess. Well, it can’t be any worse than what they have done with the mortgages…thank you Chase. The head of Chase has been very vocal about how he doesn’t approve or agree with the HAMP program because people have signed a contract (i.e., mortgage) and they must pay it and that’s his thing. (and he gets a $19 million pay raise)......Well, he had no problem taking the billions of dollars from the government did he? Couldn’t put his hand out fast enough. And our tax dollars bailed them out. Oh, and we were also told during this time not to pay any mortgage (when I asked if we could be a reduced amount) because I was told if we could pay, then we didn't need help.

Right before I found out about my job, I had a car accident, injuring my neck. So we’ve had tons of medical bills. Physical therapy, surgery, co-pays, portions insurance doesn’t pay. Our medical bills have been running around $1200-$1500 a month. We told Chase that too. And that is not going to change anytime soon, thank you lady who doesn’t know red means stop.

As soon as I knew I was losing my job, I called to say – look – what we can we do about our mortgage? So we talked about the HAMP program and we did all we had to do to apply. Copying TONS of papers, UPSing the package of information ($10 of copying, $49 for UPS times seven because of Chase's incompetence, losing paperwork, allowing it to "expire" (and we have found out that’s the norm). We called them every week. Every blessed week. I have a list of names longer than the nations that we spoke with. As stated above, from department to department to department, each individual telling us something completely different. Every week. They don’t know what color their own underwear is. After being told time and time again that we had no “relationship manager”, our paperwork finally “expired” and we had to reapply. So we went through it again. Went through the same mess again – week after week after week as my paycheck got lower and lower. We are now making about $3000 less a month and can’t make our mortgage payments. Our house isn’t big. It’s an old style farmhouse that we have put $50,000 in to fix up (my adorable kitchen 8 x 8). We weren’t the people who bought a house out of our means.

Anyhow. After the second time of the paperwork expiring, my husband went nuts and told them this had to be resolved that very day. Now this was 6 months into the process. Maybe two weeks later, we finally got a relationship manager. Had to send ALL OF THE PAPERWORK AGAIN…..Each time, copying fees, UPsing fees. Ok so now because of Chase’s delay, we were 8 months behind on our mortgage. Our credit is toast. And guess what? One Friday, we finally got a package from Chase. Yeah, they lowered our mortgage $75 a month. What a modification. That helps. How much did they get of OUR taxpayer money to help people in need???? Really? What a freaking slap in the face. Shame on them. Our relationship manager, Elizabeth, told us if this modification was not to our satisfaction, we should reapply, and we did, and heard nothing. Now realize that during this time, Chase either lost our paperwork or let it expire 7 times. We had to continually reapply. During this time, my pay steadily declined as I was losing my job progressively. Because of Chase's delay (16 months), our credit it beyond repair. Can we even rent anywhere? Will anyone even give us a chance? I couldn't even charge a hot dog at this point the way Chase has destroyed our credit.

It's now April of 2011. We still have heard nothing. We have gotten letters from Chase stating they are working on our modification (about every three days), even from people who when you call their number and extension, don’t exist at Chase. We have gotten a letter stating that foreclosure will start on a specific date. We were then, two days later, informed they were still working on our modification. Then we were notified by a congressman’s office that we contacted, that we were not approved because we didn’t have enough income. NO KIDDING. That’s why we need a modification. BUT, when we contacted Chase for about the 899th time, we were told that was incorrect, and they were still working on our modification. Carol, the woman my husband has spoken with twice now (cause we actually have her extension) says that the foreclosure information is wrong because they are still working on it and she emailed the underwriter to see the status. I was told that in February of 2010!!!!! OMW - you need Prozac to deal with this incompetence. Christopher Elkins - a name on so many letters. We've been told to call - never calls back even though his voice mail says he will return your call within 24-48 business hours. I'm thinking hours means years???? (or he is another phantom name of a person who doesn’t exist). Another two letters, we contacted that woman only to be told she doesn't work for Chase. Are you flipping kidding me????????? So now, 16 months into this mess, we are still here. Can they be anymore incompetent? They are a joke. Yet when they asked for help, we taxpayers had to bail them out. What can be done about this mess????? So guess what - this is going to TV stations, congressmen, senators, talk show hosts, it's going everywhere that has a mailing address. And I can only pray it helps us and the hundreds of thousands of other people in the same predicament.

So now an addendum that will blow your minds......Yesterday, on 4/20/2011, we received two letters from the magnificent Chase. One letter was dated 4/12, from the same infamous Tosha Hayes stating again (it's the same flipping letter we have about 10 copies of with different dates) that they are working on it and we will have an answer within 15 days. Remember- she doesn't exist. Ok it's only been 16 months. Then another letter dated 4/16, stating that no, we are denied. We are not qualified for a modification. We will lose our home. We have 30 days to contact them or they will begin foreclosure. So I called them and spoke with a woman named Jen, who certainly seemed like she had a brain. She said thatletter is the final determination. Our mortgage doesn't qualify for a modification. So unless we begin making more money quickly, there is no other alternative but to do a short sale. Now keep in mind, we called Chase the day we found out I was losing my job because we wanted to avoid the credit trash we have become, and to keep our home. 16 months later, 80,000 phone calls, stress and anxiety that would make your head spin, we are losing it anyway. Way to go Chase. I realize I had probably repeated myself and been a little run on, but that's the way we feel at this point. Someone needs to step up to the plate and hold these people accountable for the lives they are destroying.

Addendum: Ok – so Chase has decided now that we don’t make enough money to help us. We don’t make enough money for a modification. Ummm duh – that’s the problem. Our income has gone done because all I could find was part-time work making a lot less money. That’s why you need a modification. I could give you the countless names we have spoken to in the last two months (with dates and details of the conversation), but our choices are foreclosure or short sale (or deed in lieu of). Needless to say, no realtors want to touch a short sale with Chase – imagine that! They know you can’t talk to anyone. That no one ever gets back to you, and that it’s impossible to deal with them. Why would a potential buyer want to deal with that????? And now we read that Chase is willing to pay over $11 million in penalties, rather than help people with modifications? Really????? How is any of this legal??? Our tax dollars bailed them out???? The words I could use for these people are not words a lady should use. But trust me, they are on the tip of my lips should you want to know what they are. After consulting our realtor and then a lawyer, our house is on the market. We will see what happens. Nothing has sold in our area in forever. We have 10 homes for sale in a ½ mile radius – two that were on the market for over a year. Chase – if that’s what you want – I guess that is what you get cause our government doesn’t seem to be able to stop you. HUD is a waste. Meeting with them got our hopes up only to have them to absolutely nothing. Again – couldn’t return phone calls or follow through with what they said they would do. It’s no wonder people go postal. Do you know that when we talked with the “loss mitigation” department of Chase the one time (many many many times, more times than I care to remember), we were told that when we do a short sale, they will assume the house and take the keys. So we found a place to rent, sold furniture, got rid of things (smaller house), etc.,. only to have Chase tell us – oh no – that’s not right. You are responsible for the house. You need to keep the utilities on, cut the grass, etc. Really? Cause we are making less money so how could we do that????? Could any of you maybe know what you are talking about before you talk to humans???? Shame on all of them. So we can’t take the rental. So if our house should sell, who knows where we will go with the credit Chase has caused us to have.

When calling Chase, they tell us we are nowhere near foreclosure. It’s been over 17 months with this roller coaster with Chase destroying our credit. Our house is worth nowhere near what we owe on it, and sadly, we put over $50,000 into it. And it’s not even worth what we paid for it, much less what we put into it. Only in America.

And because the government screwed with the health care system so badly, heaven only knows when I will ever find a medical transcription job getting paid a salary whereby we can have a house again. I don’t ever see it happening. Work being done by computers in all areas of employment, not just my field. Work being outsourced (and they wonder why there is a high unemployment rate????). Maybe I should run the country……

So we are just updating and passing on what is happening in the real world. Hope you take the time to read this. Something needs to be done and soon. There is only so much Xanax in the world to help people deal with this mess.


Well I am young and have only had a chase account, so I do not know that if what they are doing is normal. First of all, if I would keep track of my money on my own, and didn't rely on the website to know what my balance is, I might not have so many problems.

But anyway, pending transactions take too long, I just looked up my balance two days ago, after not using my card for a day or two, I thought I had no money so I didnt use it, I check my balance and it says available and present balance is I thought YAY...ya know. Today I checked and its negative $7....the available and present balance apparently mean nothing. I have had many other overdraft issues as well b/c of that and other problems I cannot think of right now.

I did like the rewards points, redeeming them for money, that has helped time to time, but they no longer are doing that, and also when my card has been stolen and used they reimbursed all the money. But they still suck.


Yeah. Chase is one of the worst offenders, and a big drain on the economy.

Last month I made a $100 deposit at the ATM, like I normally had been doing. I got the receipt and it said I then had a current balance of $884.46 that was all available. The time stamped on there though was 11:04 p.m. 05/16/2011.

I knew they would automatically send stuff through after midnight Well, guess what? Next day they sure enough re-stacked the charges (my description, although they deny there is such a procedure) and charged me a $34 fee, even though I have proof the money was there. They of course put the $100 deposit in last, even though it showed up right away on the online banking when I got home that night. I called up and talked to a banker at the branch who said the 11:00 p.m.

cutoff time was clearly posted on the outside of the ATM, it is not, I went back and looked all over it. Then I called the number on the back of the card like he suggested. The lady on the phone couldn't help me either. :( I got a main address to send a complaint to, and contact the better business bureau, but it is in TX.

I doubted it was a real address, so I went back in 5/19/11 at around 1:30 p.m. and talked to the branch manager, Debbra J. Messer, who was a real rude condescending *** and gave me a worthless book of rules when escorting me out. Even though I told them I was already switching my direct deposit to the C.U.

and was thinking of refinancing my mortgage, and starting a business account there, which now I would absolutely not consider because they are *ssholes to me!

They couldn't care less. So I hope their $34 is worth all the business they are going to lose.