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I just closed my Chase Charge card which I had since 1994.

I went to pay my balance on April 20th, the payment was due on April 28th, and the online site was down and all I got was error code 6880.

So I then tried several times and no luck.

I thought I would wait several days and try again, but I forgot to go back and pay since I pay all my bills on the same day.

You would think Chase would waive the 39.00 late charge since it was their site that was down, but no, not only did I get I flat no, but I was spoken to rudely with little consideration for years I banked with Chase and actually brought them new customers. Well no more, not only did I close the Credit card account I am closing all my banking accounts with Chase, guess they don't care about customer service, if they screw enough of us we can sit back and watch them bo bust.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Banking Service.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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Sally is a *** C**t. The person already said they've been trying to pay for a week.

You're a t**t. 8)


I've been traveling w/ my wife and baby internationally. Three weeks ago my debit card was lost/stolen. I immediately requested an emergency replacement debit card. Since I was international Chase forced me to provide an address of someone else in the U.S. who then had to rush it to me. My family and the contact waited for a week... no card. I called one week later on Saturday and Chase told me that the representative never entered the order and although I impressed upon the representative that it was an emergency and that my family had no cash and a baby I(rationing milk, diapers). I placed another order. I called back Monday to make sure the order was entered. It was not! Buffoonery. Finally on Thursday the U.S. contact received the card and I received it in the foreign country the following Tuesday. Relief? No, and why? The genius customer service representatives at Chase decided to send me a new card, not a replacement card, so the PIN was changed and sent to the address on file because since I'm traveling internationally of course I will have access to this PIN. Over 5 new debit cards in 10 years I haven't had a to walk into a Chase branch to change my PIN number since the 1990s. So now it's week 3, and I STILL don't have access to cash in my account. I have no idea what we're going to do for cash and at this point I might have to resort to illegal means to survive. Banks are supposed to simply hold your cash, not hold it hostage.

This has been a complete nightmare for me, my wife, and son where so much of the world still operates on cash including cabs, buses, food establishments, etc. We've suffered horribly at this point physically (I'm not eating, walking everywhere) and mentally because of Chase's poor customer service.

I've spent hours on the phone w/ Chase and although they have offices here they cannot help a retail client of 10+ years. I'm definitely moving from Chase and switching to a true international bank which Chase is not, it's a phony. I plan to sue for emotional stress, psychological trauma, and withholding of customer service to a client in an emergency situation. I would recommend that no one patronage Chase due to its poor retail customer service. Big banks are bad for customer service and Chase is a living example of that. Please don't disregard this story as this can happen to you and your family too especially if you have a passport. Chase is only a U.S. bank.



I'm having the same technical problem as you had. My bill is due in two (2) days and I've been trying to pay it online for over a week.

I keep getting the same website error 6880, "We were unable to process your request. An error has occurred while processing your request. Please note the time and report this error to customer service. (6880)".

I call customer service and am told "The hold time is greater than ten (10) minutes." Wow...


I haven't gotten a paper bill from Chase since the invention of e-mail (never actually), so no, I can't "lick the stamp" as you say.


A cheap stamp on the bill they sent you would've cured your problems - but wait - someone else probably would have had to lick the stamp for you. :cry


It's 110% your own fault, ***. Learn to pay your bills on time.

I hate *** like you who post complaints when it was their own fault. ***