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I was making a business deposit of over $10,000 and the teller is supposed to ask 'What's your occupation?' - I'd been making a bi-weekly deposit like that for years. The asst. manager, whom I'd witnessed being snotty and argumentative to other customers, got called over because my teller was new and didn't know how to handle an over-$10,000 deposit.

Well the assistant manager took my Id and spent 5 minutes doing nothing with me waiting. Finally I told her "I have to go, if you can't finish the deposit for whatever reason I'll come back later today." She refused to give me my drivers license/ID back. I called the branch manager who came over -- the branch manager told the asst. manager "Give him his ID back" and still the asst. manager refused. Then the branch manager engaged in mild pleading with the assistant mgr 'why don't you give him his ID back' -- and the asst. mgr. still refused to return my over-$10,000 and my drivers license.

I then realized that the branch manager had no control over her subordinate, the asst. manager. I had no alternative but to call the police to get my money back and my drivers license, which I did. A police officer arrived and retrieved my big wad of cash and my Id. The snotty asst. manager may still work there. I contacted the area manager and he called me and apologized. It took me 1 hour to attempt the deposit and wait for police to get my money back and my ID. If it hadn't happened to me I wouldn't have believed it myself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Manager.

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