Leeds, Alabama

I don't even owe Chase Bank and they keep harassing me. Collectors from Chase has been calling my house for a year and I keep telling the idiots that the person(s) they are looking for does not live at this #.

I try to get a # I can call and they keep giving me a # that you have to have a social security # and account # to get through. I have been kind, I have cursed them, I have done a little of everything to keep them from calling my house but nothing has worked yet! I will not give up until I speak with someone in charge. I also have asked to speak with a supervisor or someone in charge and they tell me no one is available.

I want a job there as a supervisor so I won't have to do anything! I also think if they would hire people that actually could speak english they might "understand" english.

Is this one of the companies that was "bailed-out"?

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Account.

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I completely understand. They keep calling my home for someone whom I have never heard of.

I have told them repeatedly not to call and they still continue several times a day. I have added their # to my block list.


What they are doing is illegal. Contact the FDCPA.

Also go to debtcollectors.com for how to handle the calls. good luck