Kalama, Washington

Chase Bank took over my mortgage loan when they bought Washington Mutual Bank, and I followed their instructions to log into the new website and checked the balance on my loan. I noticed that the balance is not the same as payout, so I called to find out what the payout would be.

The clerk insisted that I give him a payout date, so I made one up. Then he told me that there was a $30.00 payout fee.

I explained that I didn't want to pay off the loan today, but wanted to know what the payout would be if I were to pay it now. He said that he couldn't look up that information without me paying them a $30.00 fee!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Mortgage.

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I paid a large lump sum to this *** bank on 9/30. I've been paying extra on my payments, indicating they should go to principal each month on the check.

Each month they screw it up and accelerate the payments. I call in and make them change it. When I made the large (and final) lump sum, it was below the balance that they've so royally screwed up, it's hard to tell what's right. Four weeks later, they still had the large lump sum (over $30k) in suspended funds.

This week Kimberly Givens of their customer service department told me that they could not apply the funds because it would have made the account balance go positive. This is *** bank. They can't manage a positive balance. This woman promised to get it taken care of and to call me Thursday.

It's Saturday - there's no fix and no call.

This bank has lost a good customer with a bank account, mortgage, and two credit cards all in good standing. I will also let everyone I know that their incompetence forever.


Doesn't surprise me at all...Chase would charge you just for breathing if they thought they could get away with it. Like I said in my original complaint, Chase is THE ABSOLUTE WORST bank I have ever dealt with...not only is the concept of customer service completely alien to them, but THEY DON'T CARE A HOOT about the people they serve! Do yourself a favor and find a different bank as fast as you can!


condo associations charge $100 to $150 just for verifying the payments are current to the closing agent! Talk about not fair someone should throw eggs at their windows.