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I need to find a way to get my money back from Chase Bank. They are constantly charging me NSF fees that have added up to the hundreds.

Most recently I was charged over $400 in NSF fees. What Chase does is take debits and lists them as "pending", then posts them from largest to smallest and if you're someone like me who keeps just enough money in their account, the larger amount will somehow bounce out the small resulting in 4-5 NSF charges. I went to the Branch today and met with the Branch Manager. I told him what they were doing was illegal, he basically proceeded to tell me some bs about how the money is held in a "memo" status that I can't see, but I can somehow still spend.

I contended that a debit card means that the money is debited right a way. He said now and told me I couldn't keep a check register. When have we ever had to keep a check register for debit card purchases? It seems that their customer service and bank employees have all been trained to place the blame on the customer, therefore the charges are not a "bank error" and cannot be refunded.

I said that it was outrageous and I would not leave until my money was refunded. He responded by threatening to call the police to have me thrown out. I told him to go ahead and called the police myself. This bank is unethical, despicable and is making money off of people who can least afford it.

I can't tell you how angry I was at this person who sat there and said "NO" continuously while I pleaded for the money that I needed back so badly. This has to be exposed. I proceeded to withdraw everything I had in my checking account and I'm sure tomorrow morning (all of their weekend transactions are listed on Tuesday morning, in the order that benefits them) there will be more NSF charges. This bank is fully confident that they can get away with this, mainly because they are so large and probably have people on their side.

So what do we do? I have my direct deposit linked to my checking, can't close it until I get back to work and can change it. I want to rid myself of this bank. I can't believe that they are being allowed to do business.

Wait, the Republicans are in power so its screw the middle class any way possible.

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Chase has with thier hidden policies cost me over $20,000 in unsubstanciated fees and penalties!!! I was recented divorced and a prime candidate to be ripped off!! My divorce settlement was very high and Chase took most of it in fees and overdrafts and still continue to do so with my three monthly deposits!


Hey "bank employee" and "Jay", I am surely not the only one thinking this, but will put it in print as a PSA.

You "both" need to suck it!


Yep, It's true, Jay is a giant ***.

Chase Sucks big green donkey weenies.

Match made in heaven.

BTW... Jay, Not sure if you are trolling or just really *** ***!


About all I like about Chase is their new ATM machines. I was with Great Western, before Home Savings ate them, and Home Savings until WAMU ate them.

I was relatively happy with those banks all along, but less so with each takeover. I was familiar with Chase's scheming practices from a credit card I had with them, and I would never have chosen to keep my accounts with them if it had not been for the WAMU takeover.

I had these same problems with a concurrent Wells Fargo checking and closed my account when they started magically changing their policies and the fees started adding up. I have no doubt that Chase is arranging transactions to provide an additional revenue stream by the means of additional fees.

I basically check my available balance via my phone every time a make a purchase because I do not trust their practices. I have managed to go a year and a half without incurring any fees and I live hand-to-mouth.


all banks process largest to smallest. when items are pending, that means its pending and not posted.

people should stop buying what they can't afford. ihear all day from customers.

stop blaming others and look at whose to blame. “yourself”


I got charged with a fee for a check I deposited into my account. Turns out the person had not signed it. The teller didn't notice either but I get stuck with the fee.



wow, looks like jay works for the bank, i had deposited a 1200.00 payroll ck in chase bank, before, it used to be direct deposited. i went into the bank to speak directly with a bank rep.

he informed me that the funds would be good the next day[i had some bills to pay], i used the "funds" and got a notice two weeks later that i had 595.95 worth of over draft charges, apparently the bank held my check for two weeks!for some unknown reason, didn't bother to tell me,[they took my phone number when i opened my account], so shut your pie hole jay! chase is out to stick it to you too!


Since February of this year i have had problems with Chase Bank. Today i found out they are still charging me nsf fees for transactions no longer associated with the account.

I have called and emailed them and they always say pay it off which is now more than $ 1,000 in overdrafted fees and transactions. then you are free to close the account.

They are one of the worse banks i have ever dealt with. After my account is closed i will never deal with them ever again.


i have been a consumer of the chase bank since november and since then they have suck the *** out of my bank account they take 100 dollars and 250 was the most in over draft fees i had asked them if they could just give me wat i had n my accoun and they told me no i went in to the bank two months later to talk to someone and they told me that they could now i have been very caustio about the money i recived tis month and i left just a dollar and sum changed the last time i used my card casue i no longer pull money out of the atms i use it as depit . i ahd 11 dollars and used only 10 had a dollar left havnt used my card since and im all ready neg 86 cents wow i cant belive it im not gunna be able to stay with tis bank anymore they have alreay taken thousands of dollars out of me and my family .... im gunna switch to some one else does any one know whos better?


i got a memo debit on my account and they are saying i dont get it back im closing NEVER BANK AT CHASE


Thanks for the 411. I was going to open a account but won't now!!!


Fortunately, this practice should be done by now because of the new laws.

To the people who say "you need to track your finances better" that is absolute BULL!

Did you know that not only can they rearrange the debits from highest to lowest but they can also rearrange debits and credits!!! So lets say your account is at 0 and you deposit $100 CASH (no hold) and then go and buy $50 worth of merchandise after leaving bank. They reverse your transactions to say that you FIRST spent the $50 and THEN deposited the money so now you get hit with an overdraft. Complete FRAUD!


I have had the same problem with Chase Bank. They really need to be investigated.

I couldn't get my paycheck on a Friday, and I already knew I had a low balance, and that there was a check that could possibly go through, so I watched my bank account that night until 12:30am on Saturday. It even said Saturday right on the website where your statement is. At that time on Sat. morning, my account still had a positive balance, so I figured I was in the clear.

Nope, they take "batches from Friday", count them on Saturday, enter them on Saturday, and date them for Friday. So then they claimed that my account was overdrafted Friday which is bull. I know that everything that is entered into their system, immediately goes on your statement And Nicole, this is NOT what ALL banks do.

When Chase was WAMU, ALL of their transactions for the day were recorded by 11 at night the same day, AND, the transactions were recorded in order, NOT from biggest to smallest so that they can overdraft the *** outta you. You probably work at the bank.


I logged onto my online banking account and was shocked to see a -470 balance, I called right away than emailed and I was told the error would be corrected since it was an error this was on the 22nd, I deposited money paid the NSF and all. I am scared to use my account in fear of something happening again. So far nothing has changed.

This was a partial part of the email I recieved back.

"As a valued customer, we have successfully submitted a request to absorb the fees in the a total amount of 470.00 as a onetime courtesy. Please allow 24 business hours to have these funds credited to your account. Please be advised that the one-time courtesy refund is only being given once every twelve months."

It is now the 26th and no change, no refund for the fees has been made to my account. When they said they will absorb the fees does this mean that they will add the 470 to my account?

Thank you and I am sorry for what you all have had to go through, it is terrible.


I was charged NSF when a mistake was made by Chase bank, they apologized but I still had to pay the money and the fees that went along with it. In 7 years as a WAMU customer I never had a low or negative balance, that is until it changed to Chase Bank. Then this happepend. I emailed and gave notice that I was going to close my account on the 22nd of January this is part of the response that I got back.

"As a valued customer, we have successfully submitted a request to absorb the fees in the total amount of 470.00 as a onetime courtesy. Please allow 24 business hours to have these funds credited to your account. Please be advised that the one-time courtesy

refund is only being given once every twelve months."

It is now the 26th and no status has changed in my account. I corrected there mistake but I have yet to see it changed and I do not want to use my account out of fear of another NSF.

What do they mean that they will absorb the fees, does it mean they will post the amount of 470? Because a few days later that has not happened.

Thanks for the help and I am sorry for the stuff you have all dealt with.


You dont need a freaking check registar.You should be able to use "online banking". I watch my account everyday and i mean EVERYDAY.

I run my own business and i have to. But Chase always finds a way to NSF me. My account was positive for 24 hours and the next day -$258.46. WTF.

Im changing banks IBC only charges $29 for NSF. I might go to credit union.

I have played this game for long enough. I work hard pay taxes and thes F*******ERS are legalized robbery.


I agree that the bank just puts it in whatever order they want to put it in. They purposely *** over so they can have pay checks.

I was so upset with their customer service and outrageous fees that I went in and tried to close all of my accounts. Unfortunately I had just received a direct deposit the same day. Because I had a pending transaction I couldnt close my account. So...

I took out all my money and I was going to close the account when it wasnt pending anymore. Unfortunately for me, there was a $1 transaction from the day before and the ISF fee hadnt posted yet. They could have told me that. So, there is a $34 dollar fee for that.

Then, they transferred $5 (that wasnt in there, obviously) from checking to savings and charged me another $34. (Not to mention that I was charged $5 for that and it isnt in my savings, so where did it go?) THEN they decided to list the money that I took out while I was there, so I got another 34 dollar charge... how sweet. Of course, though, its my fault becuase I didnt think to tell the bank that I did not want the 5 dollars to go into my savings anymore.

I should not have just assumed that they would know that when I told them I did not want to deal with their bank anymore at all... that I was closing my accounts...

that I was taking all my money... yeah


All of your comments are BS. It sounds like all of you are working for Chase.

For $1 overdraft - $79.11 penalty. Call it irresponsible consumer. I call it daylight robbery. And to make the matter worse, they got our money to bail them out.

They should go belly up without our tax money. Let them all follow Lehman Brothers. Our luck of actions is making them richer and to do what they want to do. They are dictating our country policies, not Republicans or Democrats.

The Congress and Senate are the once who are responsible for those thieves named Banks. The larger the bank the bigger thieves they are.


you need to watch your account carefully..on the other hand, it is leagal what they are doing to, is it justice? NO...I see two wrongs in this situation-one from you and a bigger one from them....


Maybe you should ask the republicans, who you seem to dislike, for the money. Or maybe you should be more responsible and keep up with your finances.