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As a returning customer, i returned to chase to open a personal account. I deposited 3 checks upon opening the account.

Two were cleared in 1 day. My available balance showed all three checks availble. I went to the atm to withdraw 20 dollars and the atm told me my card had been deactivated. I preceded to the bank teller.

She told me my money was availble, "but not really". They told me the checks were still in the process of clearing. I left the bank and decided to call instead because i have a young baby. I call and the rep fully clears the 2 chase checks.

Which left 1 remaining check. They say they need that persons contact info. I call back with the info. They say they cannot call to verify with this person.

I go back to the bank, and ask to close my account. They say they can't close my account. They tell me it will close anyway, in 10 days, if the check doesn't clear. I say, anyway???

They assume my check is bad. It's Not. The writer has been at his same bank 20 years. Now i have no access to the account at all, they won't let me make a withdrawl of the checks that HAVE cleared, the card doesn't work, and they won't let me close the account.

They say the account will "close anyway". Is this legal?

Do i need to be contacting a lawyer? How can they hold my money and tell me my account will close anyway?

Review about: Chase Bank Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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