Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

Chase recently bought the credit card company I had been with for several years and reduce my crdit limit form 15,000 to 1,500 and raise the rate 10%.I have never been late with a single payment to this group. It appears since there borrowing rate is almost none, Chase needs to make 29.9% off the rest of use.

Based on What? I don't owe them a red cent and will never make a charge to this card again. I hope others follow the same thing and refused to give in to a bank with extremly high rates. It appears to me after all the TAX PAYER money the backs have recieved the U.S.

government would crack down on this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Credit Card.

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Washington Mutual was great, never had a problem with them. I always pay on time and always pay more than the minimum.

When Chase took over, the interest rates when through the roof. When it got to 23 something % and I received something in the mail saying it was going up even more, I called and cancelled my account.

My interest rates before Chase took over were around 9% fixed. I hope they lose big from people leaving Chase.


:eek Gobluebeatoso, you may not yet have been slapped with a credit card NON-USE fee, but some banks are starting to do this. All the more reason to move our accounts to credit unions, which are non-profit institutions owned by and run for the benefit of their members.


Sick of your bank treating you like dirt by raising your credit card interest rate? You are not alone. Financial institutions such as Bank of *** America, Well Off Bank, It's All About US Bank, the Bank That Should be Chased Back to Manhattan, Sh*ttygroup, et al. are desperate to maintain bloated profits, and will stop at nothing, even flagrant victimization of their most creditworthy customers, in order to reward their execs, shareholders and boards for trashing the US economy over the past couple of years.

A few months ago I moved my accounts to two Seattle-based credit unions--BECU and Prevail. I was blown away when BECU offered me a Visa card with a 6.9% forever fixed rate. I am using plastic much more sparingly these days, but when I have to resort to it, at least I won't be bled dry by usorious interest rates that large commercial banks need to extract from us in order to pay their employees obscenely large bonuses.



Chase is crooked. I too hope Obama cracks down on them.


"I don't owe them a red cent"...then why do you care what the interest rate on your card is? Even if the interest rate was 1,000%, if your balance is zero...then the amount of interest charged is zero.

If you don't carry a balance...don't let them upset you with their interest doesn't cost you anything anyway.