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For years, I have received bi-weekly offers from Chase to switch to their checking accounts. I am talking about hundreds and hundreds of pieces of junk mail to subscribe to using their banking systems.

Do they think I am brain dead and need thousands of solicitations to change my bank and go with them. Get a clue, save your money and our trees, STOP the incessant onslaught of junk mail for the same services over and over. If I wanted to switch, I would have years ago. I HATE Chase Bank for all the rotten stuff they have done to their customers over the years and I would NEVER do banking business with them regardless of all the little offers they send me relentlessly.

Leave me alone and stop filling my mailbox with unbelievable amounts of junk mail!

Reason of review: Constant onslaught of junk mail offers.

Preferred solution: REMOVE ME from your mailing lists. I will never do business with you for ANY reason in the future. Save your mailing costs. .

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I started saving them and putting them in a large manila envelope and mailing them back to the corporate offices with letters asking to be removed from all mailing lists.