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I am sick of receiving calls from Chase Credit Card Services. These calls are numerous times a day, seven (7) days a week. Just a couple more for my log and I intend to file criminal charges against Chase for harassment by public communication.

This has been ongoing now for a month. The rep that calls even tries to drag my wife into this, and she has nothing to do with it. They start at 8:00am and continue until 9:00 at night. Enough is enough.

I do believe for starters a restraining order is appropriate for these "crazy" people. Any company that follows these practices show they are not anyone you would want to be involved with.

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Lake Forest, California, United States #1027487

For the last 2 and half years I receive demanding and annoying telephone calls from Chase Credit Card and RPM collections, both after a Claudio Pecora, who does NOT live here at my address, nor my telephone number on his name.

The calls are now every day, three or four times per day, preferably when I am resting, sleeping or eating.

This constant barrage of abuse from Chase and RPM has to stop.

I have advise both for the last 2 1/2 years to check the phone directory or phone book to verify this person does not live here.But they insist.

A check on the internet indicates that this Claudio Pecora does not own my telephone number, nor lives here.

I do not know this person.

The calls from Chase originate from Texas and the RPM from Oregon. Both with criminal intent as they violate the FCC rules. My telephone number is on a 'do not call list'.

The abuse from Chase and RPM is now escalated to torture and the people who conduct this activity are in violation of my Civil Rights and UN Declaration of Human Rights. I hereby request that the Federal Communications Commission put an immediate stop to this intolerable abuse and that its enforcement division act upon forthwith. And that the Attorney General, Ms.

Loretta E.Lynch take matters immediately with her expert group of very competent Lawyers and prosecute this illegal activity to the full extent of the Law.


They have been harassing me as well!All of my payments are on time and in full.However at one point I went over my available credit balance by $20.

Multiple calls a day both to my cell phone and work phone.

No messages.something needs to be done.


I usually run 2-3 weeks behind on my mortgage now. I knew it was coming. I tried to be proactive and ask Chase for an extension. They kept trying to steer me towards HARP or HAMP or whatever. I didnt want a re-fi. Just a break.

We had a perfect storm of emergency surgery, auto repairs, and job loss. Through all of this, we are still only trailing about 2-3 weeks on this one bill. We have been at the house 15 years of our 30 year mortgage.

Chase calls me every single day. More than once. I have explained this story to them at least 75 times.People from India are constantly calling me. People who cannot even pronounce my name properly. Its become harrassing.

I talked to a young rep who was actually in the USA, and he said if we made the payment we were trailing on, he would get me the extension. Then he vanished. Never heard from him again. :sigh



I had fraudulent charges on my Chase Credit Card.I immediately contacted Chase Fraudulent Department.

For some reason after they determined the charges were not valid, they took half of the fraudulent charges off, but not the other half. They are calling my home every hour for me to pay the balance. They also email and have sent letters about the past due balance. I have written over ten letters that the entire balance is fraudulent, we have closed our Chase accounts.

Does anyone know what I can do about this harassment and Chase ruining my excellent credit.


My sister has a home loan with Chase, they call her 7 day's a week if she is 1 day late. This is the worst bank i have ever had to deal with.


My paychecks from two jobs, BOTH drawn on Chase Bank, (the ONLY reason I bank with them), are automatically deposited the same day, totaling over $6,000.BUT, when I go to transfer $ to make my $450 car payment, it won't let me because the funds are "unavailable." So, I have wait to do it the next day, which I do - but Chase continues to call me day and night from multiple numbers for the next 4 DAYS!!!

And, the payment is less than 10 days "late," - not even assessed a late charge.I can't wait to switch all my business to a credit union.


Hi how do i stop this I had a few accounts at Chase I've pulled all but one checking and my credit cards now my local branch at 9th street in manhattan is calling and calling , people who don't speak english, telling me they're "reviewing my accounts" I ask them to leave me alone they call again...thanks.


I have been a month behind on my mortgage payment for like 3 years.I cannot straighten this out because Chase wants like 5 grand to "correct" the problem.

They call 7 days a week, morning till night. Today alone?

13 times.I really think Chase needs to be stopped.


If your credit card payment is late, the calls start the DAY OF. They charge you a late fee, and then they roll the payment into your next due date either way, but they still call and harass you.

The calls are ridiculous. I'm closing my account with Chase as soon as I am able.


We have a home loan through Chase and they have to be the most annoying people on the face of teh planet.We paid our home insurance within the grace period, because our pay checks are bi-weekly and they have called and called wanting to charge us $75 for insurance sayign we didnt have coverage!

And they keep asking us what shape the home is in, and all this....they are increadibly insensitive and lazy!If they can find out late patements, then they can see we PAID our home owners insurance....when we get this pais off I will NEVER do business with these idiots again!

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