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I am an Uncle trying to help my young nephews with removing guardianship from their brokerage accounts that have been left to them by my deceased brother. These kids are now 18, and have gone through the court system to have the guardianship removed and funds accessible to them.

All court ordered. Now that Chase has got the forms they are "spoon feeding" if you would what other documents are required. Initially it was the court document, they have that. Next they asked for death certificate, next birth certificate, next drivers license, which I can understand.

It would have been nice to let them know what all they needed. Once all the forms have been in, over a course of two weeks mind you, they know require an application that they FedEx overnight. The applications have been turned in and now we have got rejected because an unemployed check box was not marked, so the whole application has been trashed. Mind you it takes 2 days for the application to be processed.

Now one of my nephews birth certificate is not good because of a corner that is not in best of shape.

Chase Securities are slow playing the process and they are knit picking every single thing they can. It really appears they do not want to release these accounts to my nephews and we are still trying.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Brokerage Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Don't worry, they are working on it for you---and, of course have use of the money all the while. If you continue to be messed with, I suggest getting a free consult from an attorney to see how you can light a fire under them, so to speak.