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I have 2 mortgages, both were opened with different companies the 1st one in 2003 the 2nd in 2006 but both were bought by chase bank. I had a great payment history until my husband lost his job as a construction worker in fall of 2008.

Shortly thereafter, my business as a personal trainer began to diminish with the bad economy so I picked up a waitressing job. Since 2009 I have been trying to get a modification on both my mortgages with Chase bank. I was told then, in order to qualify for a modification, I had to be in default so the Chase rep. told me not to make amy payments so I could qualify.

I received a 6 month trial period on the 2nd mortgage which my payment was reduced but when the trial was over, I was denied the modification because I didn't show enough income...(well NO *** SHERLOCK!)Then the payment went back to its original amount but I owed them the balance of the reduction for the entire 6 months! I continued to pay the 2nd mortgage but about 6 months in I missed one payment. Then the 2nd mortgage was recalled and my only 2 options was to either pay $38,000 in a settlement or do a shortsale...on a 2nd mortgage! At this time,July 2011, I still have YET to receive any word about approval or denial on a modification for the 1st mortgage and it's been 21 months.

Every time I sent in my modification request they told me it was incomplete but when I would call to ask what was missing, they wouldn't tell me. I had to fill out another one...same story again. I have filled out atleast 5 requests I'm on # 6 right now. Chase wants everything in a certain time frame, but they would take 2-3 weeks to tell me my request was incomplete.

They have to "update" information every 30 days so now I'm back to square 1 again. They say they want to help people stay in their homes but I'm finding out that they just keep giving me the run-around. If they want to help, why don't they JUST HELP!? Seriously ridiculous.

I fell behind on my credit cards trying to pay my mortgage, I fell behind on the mortgage trying to qualify for a modification, now my credit is ruined, I owe more than my house is worth and my only option as of today is to file chapter 13 bankrupty which I have now done.

Really Chase? Can you help me now?

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I am with you I have been getting the same run around for 2 years too. Now they will not accept any further forbearance payments from me. So I might have to do Chapter 13 too.