244 East 86th St, New York, NY 10028, USA
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Update by user Oct 01, 2018

I have gotten no feedback from Chase. As of now it seems that Chase does not care about its customers.

Original review posted by user Sep 01, 2018

Please get the dogs out of the bank including the vestibule area! I just experienced my second incident, and this is getting absolutely ridiculous!

In the first incident a dog jumped literally 3 inches away from my face, and in today's a severe allergic reaction sent me running home and straight to the bathroom! I, along with many other people, am severely allergic to as well as severely afraid of dogs, and they do not belong in public establishments! I need this business to implement a no-pets-allowed policy! In the vestibule area of ATM machines such a sign should be placed as well.

That sign should also inform customers that there are cameras to enforce the regulations. The incidents have occurred in the 86th and 2nd branch in New York, NY, but the bank needs a company-wide policy in all locations so that customers with fear and / or allergy will not be bothered. We should be able to conduct our business without having to be subjected to the presence of 4-legged creatures. Pet owners should either leave them at home or tie them up in appropriate places outside.

Many stores have already cracked down on this.

Are you not aware of the law that was passed in many states including NY last year? Do you not want all of your customers to be comfortable?

Reason of review: pets in banks -- uncalled for!.

Preferred solution: change in policy; signs and cameras.

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Well, unfortunately for those of us here on planet earth, it seems you have survived yet another close run-in with your archnemesis - Canis lupus familiaris. The plot thickens....

Can't wait to read your next drama! Seriously dying laughing over here.


Unless they are truly disabled, they don't need the dogs EVERYWHERE! After all, they can't bring them to work or restaurants.


Lol maybe go move to a remote location where nobody or their dogs can bother you. Some people need their animals to even get from point a to point b but god forbid one gets close to you we can’t be having that! Moron.


You’re right, your rights trump everyone else’s rights......wait, hmm, no, no they don’t....maybe you should take care of yourself