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Im a first home time buyer, and i had the worst experience ever through chase. Everything went fine in the begining, the getting preapproved process.

Everything started going down hill when it was time for the lender to start doing his job. So first off a mortgage is supposed to take about 30-40 days.. well thats what our contract was for and what our lender told us. well after 30 days passes i started too call and ask questions and my lender (ryan p from shelby township mi) had no answers for me..

or would lie too me. long story short he finally told me that the process had title work, so i talked to my relator and she called the processor too make sure she had it, well she didnt. i called my lender ryan and told him she did not have it , he played ***. i ended up calling the title company 2 days before our close date and she said ryan never even requested title work until that day.

I understand that buying is a process but it was tough and this wasnt even the worst part. i ended up calling ryan again asking when im gonna get the truth after so many lies and he says too me well i said that so you would leave me alone.. well maybe if you were doing your job i would stop bugging you. the day that we were supposed too get clear to close, is the day we got clear too close and hes not even the one who told me, the processor told my relator and my relator told me...

well today was my closing date. we were at the agents office, everything was a struggle one thing after another. The sellers got their check, and the title woman was emailing whoever she was supposed to email too get the clear too finances, at this point the sellers of the home had their check and we had our keys... 5 minutes later 10 minutes before 5PM she gets an email saying our file is back in underwriting due too gift funds..

so the sellers were now saying they wanted too put the house back on the market since we are out of contract now because they couldnt rely on our lender. i was really upset thinking wow i did alll this to have nothing now because of chase bank... my phone was dead and i was driving home once i got home i put it on the charger and had a call from my relator saying everything came out of underwriting that we had the house now.. mind you WE already WENT through underwriting and had the clear to close and when everything is done they put it back into underwriting.

i recommend nobody go threw chase bank. go threw a mortgage company, somewhere that gets paid when you close and not making salary.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $84000.

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Still trying to figure out how you lost 84K.. something doesn't sound right. oh and btw, all mortgage bankers get commission..