Corona, California
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Waited over 12 minutes for a cashier at Fred Meyers, Lynnwood Washington branch. I left the line and bank after there was no progress for about 5 minutes with the woman in front of me.

Only 1 teller and no one else in sight. I shopped and was leaving the store, and the same woman was still at the window as when I left after waiting. I have tried to get a notary here before and was told none were available today, and have also been told same thing when I asked to speak to a banker here.

If Chase would just close the branch instead of not staffing it, there would be a lot less unsatisfied customers. The line was long when I arrived, and was still long when I was leaving Fred Meyers...........

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Bank Teller.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Chase Bank Cons: Customer service.

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If you've experienced bad service at that branch multiple times, why not go to a different branch?


Because this message board is to make the chase company and other customers, at some level, become aware of bad customer service experiences at chase. Your comment basically suggested they should stop complaining and just not go to that branch which helps no one. If everyone followed your comment then there would never be a bad review about any business.


LOL Do you think Chase is really monitoring this board? C'mon....Be serious.. On the upside, you didn't respond to a comment you didn't like by saying "you must work for them."