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Received a 10k Chase Bank check from a local business. Went to Chase Bank to cash the check.

They verified the funds and accepted photo drivers license and military ID to verify identity. The check was good and Chase was satisfied with my identity. They would not cash their own check ! Explaination was that I did not have an account with them.

Suggestion was to deposit it in my bank account. Why take a check on a bank that won't cash it?

Why have a checking account with a bank if the gardener or whoever can't go to Chase and cash your check. Don't bank with Chase.

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:( I went with them because they were not chase yet. They were a local bank that went under.

The arrogance of chase has me disgusted too. I am in the process of joining a new local credit union. Do some homework!!

They're safer and simpler and less arrogant!! (sp?) :)

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