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Are you in the process of losing your home to foreclosure or have you already lost your home? Do you feel you were taken advantage by your lender and were foreclosed on or are you facing foreclosure and are in the process of losing your home? Did you apply for a loan modification only to end up frustrated and in the same position with no resolution from your lender. Then please keep reading..

What if you were able to get your home back if you were foreclosed on and had to move out or if you are facing foreclosure, then getting the necessary help to get out of foreclosure and restructure your loan so you are back in an equity position and have a payment that you can afford or just getting a payment and rate that makes sense if you are in an equity position. Would you be interested?

The service I am talking about has completed 600 foreclosure sale reversals this year as of 10/17/2013. In the last few months, their lead processor had 18 files and 17 of them were reversed successfully. The one that was not reversed failed because the homeowner lied and actually committed fraud on the bank. As long as you are honest with us, there is a very high probability that we can get your home back too. Again, you do not have to be in possession of the property. Seven of the 18 files were owned by third parties (non-bank owned).

If you are facing foreclosure then we can get you the help you need to get your lender off their *** and restructure your existing loan so you are back in an equity position if you are upside down and getting a payment you can afford or if you are in an equity position then getting a payment that is affordable and makes sense.

So, if you want a chance to get your home back or get help with your existing loan. Then e-mail me your contact information and the best time to contact you to or call me at 1-760-324-6410 and I will be back in touch with you as soon as I can.

The response has been tremendous so please be patient. It will be worth it.

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If you feel you were taken advantage by Chase then don't let them get away with it. The only real way to get any kind of justice or compensation for you and your family is to sue Chase in a court of law.

Before you had to be rich to take a bank to court, but times have changed.

If you feel you have been wronged by Chase and would like to know more about your options then please feel to call me at 760-324-6410 or e-mail me at and let's talk.

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In march 2013 my husband pass away unexpectedly . June Chase took my home of 17 years.

put me and two grandchildren on the street and

my house still stands empty . I can't express how horrible the grief and loss has cause for myself and my grand children...


I have been experiencing the same thing. Have been trying to get a permanent modification under HAMP or any other program they offer, and now we are going on our FOURTH YEAR in the process.

Got 3 or 4 months behind in early 2009, were approved for a temporary modification in June 2009, made payments on-time every month for 11 months (each temp mod was 4 months long, then they'd make us resubmit all the paperwork every 4 months to get approved for a new temp mod) then in May 2010 they rejected the payment we made, and have refused to accept payments since then. We've been submitting paperwork - whatever they ask for - over and over and over and over during this entire process, and we keep getting the runaround. They've put the property in and out of foreclosure over and over and over, refuse to accept a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, etc. They lose paperwork, often the questions on their forms are contradictory and when I ask questions to get clarity on what they're asking for, the way they instruct me to fill out the form often contradicts other questions on the form, etc.

We have contacted the attorney general and are in the process of contacting an attorney to sue them. It has been an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE.


I here you I've been going through the same thing and now all of a sudden they send me a paper 2 day telling me I have 6 days to reinstate my loan!! Or I'm losing it !! I've paid out over $100,000 out if my pocket in the last 7 yrs I don't know what to do and I only have 3 days left to fig it out !!!!


You are so dead on man!


Chase needs to have a class action suit by the US department of justice. They are in clear violation of many HAMP regulations and regularly claim that they did not receive your faxes, mail, etc.

Keep records of everything you do, when and where you call and to whom because they sure as *** won't. They mail me stuff out of the blue claiming to have tried to call me, but they never did, it's my cell phone and always on and always with me.

Also I try calling back and they give me wrong numbers on their own dang letters. They are crooks and their CEO and BOD's deserves to be shot in the heads

@MR Me

I think part (if not all) of the problem is probably that the investor on most of these loans is the gov't.(in our case Freddie Mac), and so I'm not sure what good the Department of Justice would do, since that's part of the govt. Its the investors who are rejecting the paperwork, and who are also making up the rules as they go. In our case, you would not believe how many times the paperwork they have required from us has changed - first they need certain documents, then 2 months later they don't need those documents they need other ones instead....absolute nightmare....

@MR Me

But I can DEFINITELY appreciate what you're saying....I don't know how they sleep at night...If I worked there, I would be afraid to go into the office each day.....