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It costs $16,000 to get a free ticket, then you can't even go when you want! I was on the phone with a ticket agent the SECOND flights opened up, only to be told there were none.

Southwest Visa lies and says there are no blackout dates, but there are - and they pre-sell free tickets to travel agents according to the agent I spoke to. So what good is the card?

And customer service at Southwest insults you, and the rep I talked to as much as admitted they don't care if they want your business or not. DO NOT EVER GET THIS CARD - IT IS A TOTAL RIPOFF!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Customer Care.

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I purchased the card under a deal of 2 free flights when you spend 2000 dollars in the first 3 months. After not recieving the points for this promotion.

I called chase and they said i was only getting 1 flight at the time when I signed up. Supposely when you click on the tab for the promotion of 2 flights, they open a new window and you send your application off. Then they sent you an email saying you were approved and you just been rewarded 1 flight. Thanks for your business.

HAH!!!! Jerks!


Ordered a Southwest Chase bankcard. Lit.

enclosed said "use the enclosed checks for EXTRA miles". The lying pigs at Chase bank not only did not give me extra miles, but gave NO miles and an $80.00 extra charge.



We got 50,000 free points for signing up and my disabled son went on 3 round trip flights for $10 each this year! Know what you are doing!


My advice to ANYONE who uses any credit card is to read the fine print. We always seem to negate to do that but READ THE FINE PRINT!

It says in plain view that it takes 24,960 Rapid Rewards points for a bleeping R/T ticket. No one gives anything away for free anymore. Then it further states it is all contingent on blah-blah but it does state that. A rip-off?

Yes, I agree, but it is up to us, as consumers, to STOP doing biz with these *** artists and to find the best deal possible.

Try Capital One ...heard the were much better but research it! Good luck and shop smart and cancel these cards if they aren't making the grade!


I wouldn't trust Capital One either as they are bad credit credit card company and they will start you off at a low number and they charge rediculous interest and if you get injured and sign the release that goes with your papers they do not honor it so be careful who you choose as a credit card company all companies have their risks just be smart


THis program is a Fraud!!! Stay away from the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Card.

I have 3 roundtrip tickets & I am

trying to book my fligth in Mid June.

The problem they are black out 5 days in a row.

They provide no realistic way to use your tickets unless your going for two weeks or more & retired. MY ADVICE STAY AWAY.


Not sure if I agree. Definitely didn't have the same experience.

Yes, it costs basically $16K to get our free ticket. However, I've used my free tickets - twice and had no problem getting the location or dates.

As a matter of fact, I made the arrangements through the web. So I'm not sure why you are on the phone with the agent.