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I sold furniture on Craigslist, and the "lady" sent me a check for the furniture with an extra $2000 for shipping and movers fees. I am not ***, I know scams happen on Craigslist ALL THE TIME. So i brought the check to the bank and deposited it. The next day, my online banking showed that the check had gone through. So I went to the bank and actually went inside to confirm with someone face to face that the money was there before I sent ANYTHING to the moving company. I told them that I had sold furniture online and I was skeptical about it being fraud so I confirmed with THREE different people in the bank, one being the manager that the check had been "cleared". Then I withdrew the amount of money I was supposed to, to send to the movers and sent it.

Yesterday (2 days later), I received a text message saying my account was overdrafted by $1573.26. This came as a shock to me since I had $950 in the bank that morning and had spent ALL DAY at work. I left work and went to the bank and they proceeded to tell me the check had bounced. Which means it did not actually clear in the first place. I asked why I was told that it was, they said they had cleared the check in "good faith" since I had never gone negative before. They also said there is no way for me to get my money back and I am responsible for paying them the entire $1573.26 plus $30 in overdraft fees for EVERY DAY my account is below $0.

The issue is that like any normal person, ALL of my money was in the bank. This is causing the first bad mark on my credit. I was LIED TO! If funds from a check were made available to me BEFORE the check had cleared I should have been informed of that. They should never have told me the check "CLEARED" when it never did. I also had overdraft protection on this account, a lot of good that did.

I took every precaution I could trying to protect myself from this exact thing from happening. Seeing as how I am not a banker myself, I only know what I see and what I am told. There is no way for me to know that check had not actually cleared since I was the opposite.

When confronting the bank about the situation, the exact quote the bank manager used was "The bank takes the risk when we let check funds be available before the check actually clears". Exactly, THE BANK TAKES THE RISK! So why am I responsible for paying back that money? The bank has insurance for this kind of thing, I on the other hand did not know I would need insurance to protect my own money in the bank. If the BANK takes the risk, the BANK should take the responsibility.


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Don't feel bad. I was actually trying to avoid overdraft fees, went to the bank the same day I got the text alert and my account was still charged $34.00 for overdraft. I had even called the hotline beforehand to let them know I was going to deposit the money. Called them back to tell them about this situation, the guy kept on saying, well you have until the end of the business day to deposit and was extremely rude. I tried explaining that I did and even told him to check the online statement where it actually showed the date and time. Even told him I had a receipt with the same information. Still nothing. When I pay off this overdraft, Goodbye *** f***s CHASE!

Words of advice, stick to credit unions, they are awesome!

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