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I did two rounds of purchases on a Chase Slate Card, both for dental work. Had the first one done, paid it off completely, ditto with the second.

In prepping for the third round of work, my first act was to call Chase and ask if I needed to close my card and open a new one (or look elsewhere), or if I could make another purchase with the 0% APR of before. I was told 'yes', and the girl put a spend notice on the account for the next week. When I get the bill they have, of course, accessed me a $32 late fee, and their explanation for said is that my 0% APR expired on December 5th. I called on November 11th, not even a month prior, and a December 5th deadline was _never_mentioned_ despite the fact that was the direct subject of my question.

I went through the song and dance of 'disputing' it (with absolutely no belief that it would amount to anything-- I used to work for a credit card company, and we all know we live in the era of 'too big to fail'). Unsurprisingly, the decision came back with the caveat that I did not specifically mention the APR in my question. First of all, I don't believe that since, in order to express my query (can I still use this card as I have been), mentioning the APR was essential. Second of all, even if I didn't, a responsible answer to my question would have involved something along the lines of "Well, Ma'am, this card has been open since XXXX, and the 0% APR will expire on December 5th." I hear that ad nauseam now, but they neglected to mention it when I was the one trying to be contentious.

After three levels of escalation, they still refuse to remove the finance charge, despite the fact I've paid off the card in full (sans illegitimate finance charge). Aside from being outright deceptive, their customer service reps couldn't even off me an empty "I'm sorry, Ma'am." I've been a Chase customer since I was sixteen, paying my regular card off in full every month. In other words, I'm the kind of meticulous customer credit card companies hate. They got me this time, so let me be a warning.

Do not rely on them for any transparency. Asking direct questions will only result in lies-- either directly, or by omission. If you for some reason feel the need to go with Chase (I understand Discover has a nice equivalent, and several of my friends have had zero problems with it), be VERY assiduous. Certainly don't expect any level of customer service from them.

Deceptive, prevaricating, unprofessional, ill-trained, and predatory. Bravo.

Review about: Chase Bank Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Unethical business practices.

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