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I recently had a very unfavorable and sour experience with Chase Bank's Services.

Here's the story:

1. I wrote a check to a merchant from my Account#1

2. While the check was still in transit, I called Chase and asked to make a stop payment on March 9

3. I realized the Customer Care Agent made a mistake and put a stop payment on Account#2 because the amount got debited from the Account#1

4. I moved to California and I reached out to the Chase Branch location in Emeryville and found out that the Customer Care Agent made the stop payment on the wrong account

5. I asked the case to be escalated. After a few days, I was told the case had been sent to Branch Escalations

6. Branch Escalations called and said they're trying to find call record of my conversation with the Customer Care Agent

7. Chase wasnt able to find that information, neither can they find the Agent that placed the Stop Payment on the wrong account

8. My Wife gets a call from Branch Escalations and they tell her that unfortunately they cannot credit me the amount

9. I repeatedly try to call Branch Escalations and try to get hold of our case manager John, who never responded to 10 voicemails I left for him over 7 days

10. I finally called Branch Escalations and spoke to another representative. He told me the same thing John told my wife

I am disappointed for various reasons-:

1. Chase cant find out the call recording when everytime I call in, the machine says, the call is being recorded.

2. Chase Customer Agent makes a mistake which cost me $$$

3. Chase Branch Escalation says, because there is no evidence of whose mistake it is, they cannot credit the amount to me.

If Chase cannot find call trace of my conversation, whats the point of having Phone Banking?

If Chase cant find any history or employee information who made the stop payment, its Chase's inability to run their business right.

At this point I am ready to stop doing business with Chase Bank because I have no faith in them. I cant believe Chase can put their customer's first and acknowledge mistakes done. I do not wish to waste anymore time in the future with Chase who does not believe in justice and runs unethical business practices.

I do not feel my money is safe with them.

I have been a customer for over 8 years.

Branch Escalation Case: ECW190419#03168

PS: The merchant doesnt offer service cancellations, and once a check is processed, they have no returns.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1410.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Chase Bank Cons: Issuing a check then stopping payment, Handling of stop payment, Acknowleding their mistake, Keeping phone records of customer conversations.

  • Annoyed
  • No Customer Solution Or Resolutio
  • Poor Busines Ethics
  • Phone Banking
  • Stop Payment
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