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Well, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one being screwed by Chase who has gotten too big for their own breeches. Back in 2006, when the new government regulations was suppose to also go into effect to "help the consumer pay off their debts faster", and my interest rate climbed (which made absolutely NO sense), I called them.

I was told at that time that the only way I can opt out of it and to go back to the "old way" was to close my account. Which I did. I had no choice. I was actually making some head way on the account and now this.

I work primarily as a temp and here where I live at in FL, the job market on the Space Coast is one of the tightest and I'm now currently in between assignments, hoping with the slow recovery that assignments will pick up soon. Now, this "new" APR of nearly 30%, I can only pay off the dam- interest rate, plus $1. And that will take me even LONGER to pay this *** thing down!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was with them when they were Chemical Bank.

And now, in the last 5 years or so, "they" (meaning chase) has just gotten TOO *** BIG. I would love to declare bankruptcy, but I learned that my truck that is paid off would be considered an asset and I would have to buy her back. Don't think so. I'm writing a letter, asking them to reinstate my previous APR of 22.24% back because I was slowly paying it down, but now, I can't.

I'll have my student loans paid off faster than this! Chase is one bank that needs to go down. It's like the railroads and steel barons back at the turn of the 20th century where they had to be broken up in order to reign them in. I'm done with the government trying to "help us" get out of debt.

They really want to help us get out of debt, give US the people, the "bail out money" and not the banks. That way, we can pay off our debts and therefore have more money to put into the banks so that the banks will have the capital to loan it out to businesses. If I ever get a windfall, that bank is gone. But sadly, that's not going to happen.

OH and the CSR (laughably) told me that I should transfer my balance to other cards…. so they are advocating us to getting into further debt, by going out and getting more credit cards???????????????????????

Every single one of my friends, I tell them, if your bank gets bought out by chase RUN FOR THE HILLS, DO NOT LOOK BACK. Change banks ASAP.

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I have been robbed!!! My direct deposit is always pending, Then the the Fees are taken out.


chase sucks money balls they can sit on my *** bean bag. Crooked ***


I am either refinancing with another bank or I am declaring bankruptcy. I'm livid.

Read how much bail out money they got.



Have severak credit cards with chase and they just doubled my interest rate. Alwaus paid on time and been a good customer thier representatives are nasty and could care less to talk to you.

The Govt. needs to stop their unfair practices


Wow- I'm glad to know I am not alone. I have been dealing with problems since Oct.

23, 09 (Today is Nov. 21) Overdraft fees when there is more than enough to cover. Delay in posting a deposit- even though it is well before cutoff time. It's cash- so no need to wait for a check to clear from another source.

This is on my son's college account. We thought it would be a good idea to have a national account so we could make deposits here with him 1500 miles a way. It has been a nightmare- the branch manager called me ***- I have had at least 6 people on the 800 number hang up on me. The branch points to the hotline- hotline to the branch.

I was told by one person on the hotline to give it up. The branch manager would have to credit the incorrect fees and since he gets a bonus from these profits- it won't happen. I have faxed documentation to customer service center with no reply. I am amazed that they can continue to operate this way.

In a weeks time we were charged $545. I talked with a friend at work and she was charged over $900 on her daughter's account a couple of years ago. Same situation- same branch. Had I known- we would have never gone there.

She said she didn't tell anybody because she was embarassed that she didn't know how to correct the problem.

I'm not sure I will get my problem corrected, but I will let everyone I know not to go there for a college or high school account- so they don't run into the same problem. The kids have enough with learning to be on their own and adjusting to not being with the parents everyday that they don't need to deal with kind of problem.


My spouse and I had three credit cards with Washington Mutual, each card had an interest rate of 14%. Chase Bank bought them out and within weeks they raised my interest rates to 19.99%, 25% and 29.99% on my cards.

Then they reduced our credit lines by more than 50% and then closed two of the accounts without notice. My account standing with Washington Mutual was good and my bills were paid on time. Now they are making it almost impossible to pay these balances off in a reasonable amount of time. I have tried contacting them to resolve this and they are unwilling to work with me because they indicated that my accounts are closed so they can't help me any longer.

They closed them, not me!! Two weeks ago I noticed that one of my payments went up by $40-$50 per month. I received a letter indicating that they had doubled my finance charges so that I could pay down my principal faster. Really?

Are they that *** to think that if they raise my payments on what I already am having trouble paying because of the interest rates that it will help me pay it down fatster? No, its going to force me into credit counseling so I can reduce these payments. It is nothing more than a scam and a rip-off.

They don't want you to pay it off faster they want to suck you dry until you have nothing left. This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with and I can't wait until the day that I can tell them to go to ***!!


I had a chase Credit card with $6500 credit limit in August of 09, at the end of August they lowered my limit to $3500. They said they felt that I didn’t need that amount, so they lowered it.

Now in October of 09 I had a balance on the card of $988. I was sent convenience checks with a 2.99% interest until 04/2011. So I paid off the $988. And now I had $3500 available, so I mailed one of the checks to another card with higher interest rate.

A few days later I checked the other card and the check was reversed and I was charged a $39 fee. I called Chase, and they said it was denied because Chase decided to close my account after I paid it off.

Now how can they mail me convenience checks in the beging of October, and then towards the end of the month, they closed my account????

Please help, I have been trying to get cought up, but the interest rates keep going up, and in return my min. due is going up as well..


More people need to come out and address the unscrupulous and unfair behaviors of credit card companies like Chase. The more we all talk to our politicians and report these tactics to government bodies like the FTC, the less they will be inclined to practice them.

I too paid off a balance on a Chase credit card that I have had for 4 years. In those for years my interest rate went from 9% to almost 28% with little to no fault of my own. I decided to pay it off and stop paying them more interest than I would pay a loan shark. No sooner that I paid it off that they reduced my credit line by half.

Instead of now showing a higher available line that was now completely paid off, I have half the line and now by doing so, they have hurt my credit score by how much credit I have available. Another friend of mine had the same thing done to them except he uses the card for monthly expenses and was paying it off at the end of every month. After the most recent pay off, they cut his credit line in half just a week after he paid it off and unknowingly went over his NEW credit limit by $30.00. They hurt him by now showing less credit available, a card that should have had more than 50% credit line available now showed as maxed and over the credit line.

All within a week. This type of practice needs to stop and these banks should not have the power to manipulate consumers as such.

When credit has become the end all be all, even the good people who pay on time get hurt. Contact your politicians and scream out to the top of your lungs!!!


I do not know what good it will do posting this, but I had back surgery, was covered by WAMU. When chase took over they promised in a letter ot honor the claim only 3 months later they created some strange inexplictable reason ( even to the manangers) why it fell out of force.

Every paper is documented, logged, every call I have is logged, I spend 15 hours a mont onthe phone and still with all the evidence and protocol in my favor they decline it. How can I pay my bill with NO job, on ssdi and not out of being disabled until next year, (I am also doing schoool full time online so I can work agian and pay off my bills, to everyones benefit to help me out) but they are oblivious. I have had it, I cant because their computer probably makfunctioned and someone did not log in my faxed in papers ( luckly I have fax logs which they ignored) they think I can manage to pay them every month with no job, while I recover, support my son and scrape by?? How can acompany who got federal aid turn thier backs to humanistic concerns in their best interests, and dishonor,breach a contract they made, and expect me to instantly what make money out of thin air??

can anyone help me??

Its 3800.00 debt. god help us, I dont know what to do.


Chase sucks. My friend got his credit card identity stolen more than twice already and had to pay for stuff he didn't buy, getting him in debt with that *** bank!

He changed to Wells Fargo and surprisingl(sarcasm) nothing has happened to him since. :roll

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