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I hadn't used my Chase card in over a year, and was unaware that I even had a balance. In fact, they sent me all kinds of marketing telling me what a great client I was (including the transfer checks). In August of '07 I receive a notice from Chase informing me that I am in arrears and owe them over $300 + fees.

I looked in this matter by calling customer service. They informed me that Web.com had charged my card in March of '07. I told them that I had yet to receive a statement from Chase or Web.com. They told me that I was receiving online statements. I informed them that I had called in '06 to switch back to paper statements. Of course, they had no record of this.

I filed an investigation with Chase and even sent them an emailed receipt from Web.com which clearly stated that I had no renewal and I would only be charged for one year. I also touched base with Web.com who went ahead an refunded half of the charge they had put on my Chase card, but said that thats all they could do.

After filing my investigation with Chase by phone, I sent them documents by mail. Guess what? They claimed to have never received them. I asked them if I could fax them the documents. They said fine. I tried faxing them over a course of ten days from different fax machines, and their number never worked!!! I called customer service several times, and reported that the fax number was not working.

Finally, I spoke to a rep at Chase by phone in their investigations unit. He said that he personally would confirm the details with Web.com and then add them to my investigation records. In the end, I received a letter from Chase stating that since the original investigation was put in so long after the original transaction - this investigation was cancelled!!

Why, pray tell did they have me run around if this was the case? I would have saved myself the time of mailing, faxing, calling Fax.com and Chase!! In the end, I was out over $400 due to their poor customer service!!!

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Bank Card! Try this.

I paid off a $12,000.00 car loan to Chase so I could sell the car. They put the money on another loan,the loan to my wife's car, sent me two title to the two different cars, both stamped with Lien Cancelled. Then they sent me a check for over $6000 saying I over paid on a loan. I went to the Bank to initate correcting of this situation.

The bank manager admitted in writing that her employee made the mistake, yet Chase would not accept this and said they could not correct the situation until the Bank had both titles and the money back. I explained that I paid off the loan to sell one car and did not have one of the tiltes. This situation has been going on since March 30, 2009. Chase refuses to acknoweledge they made a mistake.

They put a $12,900.00 bad credit notice on my credit report. The amount is totally wrong. Chase keeps asking for both titles, and refuses to settle this matter on equal terms without any guarantee to what will happen when the title and money are returned. It is in the hands of the lawyer.

Chase consumer service?? Yeah, chase after it and when you catch it, please let me know!!!!!


A very similar situation just happened to me. I had no balance due on my account until an unexpected charge appeared on the card. Since I do not receive paper statements, I had no idea. The charge was legitimate, no problem. When I went paperless, I realized the potential that an old recurring charge or the like might surface, so I set up an alert to let me know that a payment was due. I chose the alert if a payment is missed option. I have my Discover Card set up similar and if it is a couple days before it is due and they have not received a payment, they let me know by email. Naturally this seems like a reasonable way to use this feature. Well, I guess not. I did not receive an email on or before it was due, nor did I receive and email after it was past due and the charged me about $40!

When I called (twice - two different representatives), they were unfriendly, uninterested and arrogant. I attempted to explained the situation, but was cut off with a blank, "That is no reason not to pay your bill!" I never said it was a reason not to pay. I just wanted some explanation as to why I did not receive an alert. Now that I have read a bit more about Chase, I see this is part of their systematic treatment of their clients.

Why are we as tax payers bailing out companies that thrive on deceiving thier customers?


yes, i called Chase and asked for their fax number to fax in a dispute. After 10 minutes on the phone they finally gave it to me, but when I tried it, it said it was disconnected.


Quit crying! Read the fine print when you make purchases, it's not he bank's fault if you automatically reew a service. GROW UP BABY!


Chase customer service is ***, they only respnd to lawsuits, and even then give you a runaround all the way to Federal court