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Below is the letter I have sent to everyone I can at Chase. My home is now in danger of foreclosure.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to you in a last ditch effort to find someone who can help me. I am so frustrated and angry and cannot find anyone who can help. Here is my story;

Back in August of 08 I lost my job. I knew that I would get back on my feet but I was gong to need some help, especially with my home. We we able to make some payments but soon began to get behind. I spoke with WAMU (Now chase) and they explained that the new "Obama Plan" would help me and they would begin the remodification process. This was in January of 09. I was told that the remod "would only work if we were three months past due" and that I should not make a payment for the next couple of months. I questioned this but it was reconfirmed several times that this was the only way. I asked several times what would happen if the remod didn't work and I was convinced that this would not be a problem. This was good news for us because, even though I had gotten a new job, we were behind in everything and the extra money to stay afloat would help. Ellie at Wamu was handling everyting for us and we got her everything she needed. After a couple of months we were told to begin making our payments for the next three months. We were told they had to be paid over the phone or rec'd on time. If they were a day late, our remod would not work. We did EXACTLY as we were told. In July 09, I called Ellie and asked why we hadn't heard anything. I was told that because of the Wamu/Chase merger things were "kind of a mess" and it would take a little longer. On September 2, 09 I got a letter stating that "Your income exceeds the maximum for our lending program." I called Ellie and it was explained that my new job (that I have had since January) paid me too much!! I asked why I wasn't told this 8 months ago and was told that the program constantly changes and sorry!

By this time, I am already very frustrated. Ellie told me that we needed to pay the approximately $6000 that was now delinquent, even though we just made our last three payments on time as asked. I explained that we missed the payments because they told us to. It was explained to me that "we don't tell people to miss payments." WHATEVER

I have spent dozens and dozens of hours on the phone with Wamu and Chase people and have spent countless hours on hold.

On September 17, 09 I called and spoke with Victoria Watson in loss draft, Victor Martinez, Helen and finally spoke with Ed at ext 01253 and was told that WAMU had worked out a repayment plan beginning in October. I was told to make my regular payment in October and starting in November I would would pay 2189.41 for 6 months and that they would remove all late fees and penalties. I explained that this would be very hard for us and he explained that I didn't have any choice if I wanted to keep my house. I agreed.

On October 8, 2009, , I rec'd a letter that says WAMU has a program which will allow me to put my past due payments on the end of my loan and bring me curren, "you simply need to call Washington Mutual Home Preservation Team at 1-866-WAMU-YES no later than October 25, 2009."I immediately called and spoke to them and said yes. I was told that this was the perfect program for me and that it would solve everything for me. Christina Burda would make sure that this "reage" would happen and that the "fresh start" program would take effect within 24-48 hours. Knowing my luck with WAMA and Chase, I decided to call back and confirm that everything was done.

On November 2, 09, I called and mad my payment of 1379.25. I spoke with Adam in the Reage dept. Adam gave me a confirmation number of 23352160. He checked on my "frest start" and told me that it was in process and I "had no worries." Everything was tracking and it should be showing on my account in 24 hours. I called on November 3, 09 I called and after holding for 30 minutes I spoke with Robert who told me my account still was not showing the change. He then connected to Carey in collections. Carey said I was wasting their time by calling so much and hung up on me. I called back and after another 30 minutes on hold I spoke with Adam. I explained everything one more time. He connected me to collections again. I explained everything again and they connected me to Kathy in the "escalation team." I was told that she would email the appropriate people and escalate my process. No worries!! I was told to call 8008489380 ext 3817212 to confirm. I called and was told that the "frest start" was in my notes and would not be a problem

I called back (do not have the date in my notes) and spoke with Monica Moreno x02391. Monica assured me that it was "my account was coded and put in notes" "you have nothing to worry about."

We continue to make our payments on time! At this point we assume everything if fine, our past due payments have been added to the back of our note and we are good to go. I get an occasional letter saying that we have a past due balance but everytime I call, I am told, "you are on the frest start program, it just takes a while to show up."

On February 22, 2010 I got a letter "notice of collection activity" UGH On March 2, 2010, I called and spent 1 hour on hold. I spoke with Sherine who, after I explained over a year of frustration said "I'm sorry, we don't do that" referring to the fresh start program. I pleaded with her to read my notes on her computer and see if she could find anything to confirm what I am saying. After a long period of time on hold, she came back and said that she found the notes to confirm what I said. She said that the "In November it shows fresh start accepted but for some reason it hasn't taken yet." She apologized and said she could help. She would send an email to Christina Burda, who is the person who originally coded my fresh start. She assured me that Christina would solve the problem and that I should hear from Christina within 72 hours. If I didn't hear from her I was to call Sherine back at 8667000043 x 3813147.

I waited 4 days and did not hear from Christina so I called Sherine and, surprise surprise, she did not answer. I left a message at the extension above begging her to help.

This brings us to current. It is now March 30, 2010 and I have not heard from anyone. So, I just got off the phone with Chase. I spent about a half an hour on the phone with Jack at 8008488380. I explained my whole story to Jack. He looked up all of the notes and said that he showed that my fresh start was held up because it was reported that I was "unemployed and and in the middle of the modification process when I called to accept." YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!! First, I was not unemployed. I had just been turned down three months prior for the loan modification because I make too much money!!! I explained to Jack that I have been employed since November of 2008 and that I have a letter showing that the modification was denied in July!! He said he understood but "no one can help you." I asked if a manager, supervisor, anyone could help me and he said no. He suggested that I write a letter to customer service. He restated that he saw all of the notes in the computer but it just looks like I can't be helped. He also suggested that I apply for a loan modification (oh my gosh). He said that I was now in danger or foreclosure….unbelievable.

As you can see, I have been through the ringer on this crazy thing. I just want to get it fixed so I can reestablish my credit and stop Chase from calling me and sending me letters everyday. I do not know what to do, I am wits end and so frustrated I could scream, actually I already have done that.

I am sending this letter in hopes that maybe you can help.


David Slone

Here is the list of people I have spoken with:






Adam 2

Monica Moreno


Victoria Watson

Victor Martinez

Jack 2



Christina Burda

And a host of others

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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YOu sound JUST like me. Please email me. I have been jumping trough hoops just like you,



I 100% agree with you as my situation was very similar. I applied for the home modification program 4 separate times.

They kept loosing my information but never tell me until I received a denial letter due to lack of documentation.. I was so angry and frustrated. I sent them everything 4 separate times over a 1 year span of time.

I must have spoken with about 20 different people and spent countless hours on the phone. I absolutely hate that bank and will never set foot in one again.