Belton, Missouri
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I am a former Washington Mutual Visa cardholder (for 3 years, 10 if you

count the years when it was Providian) who was switched to Chase shortly after the meltdown and subsequent buyout. In the short timespan of seven

months (from January to August of this year), they have raised my interest rate TWICE, nearly tripling it!

It WAS 5.9% fixed; in April it nearly doubled to 10.24% variable. Then, this month (August), it shot up another 5%, to 15.24% variable. I'm afraid to open my next bill now! This is NOT just desserts for a loyal cardholder in good standing, having NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT!!

Is this what we have to look forward to in this supposed economic recovery--distressed banks taking it out on good customers who had nothing to do with this financial mess? Where does it end!?

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I was late on a online payment one time in 5 years and they raised my rate from 7.19 to 27.99, unfortuantely I didn't notice the change for 4 or 5 months. The rep.

was an ***. I am closing account and never using Chase again.


Chase also raised my interest rate to 29.99 and charged me a 39.00 late fee for paying the bill two days late online! I wrote letters and asked to reduce the rate and was told to refinance!


:( :( Chase is bad news stay away at all cost's


I have never missed a payment and my interst rate went form 8.24 to 15.24 in Aug 2009. I called Chase and they said it was company policy.

Do we have any recourse? :(


Chase took over my WaMu credit card as well. During a trying time, I missed my first "on-time" payment ever by a few days.

They promply doubled my monthly payment and jacked my interest rate to 29.99% from 13.99 and, of course, charged the obligatory $39 late fee. Now that's going to really help me pay off this card, eh?

I would be better off borrowing the money from a loan shark to pay them off and get rid of them. What a *** country!


I know it is upsetting to be charged a higher interest rate when you have been an on time payer, but this is what the banks are doing now so they can be as greedy as they want until the new laws go into effect in 2010. This has happened to me.

But each time there was an opt out offer. You can tell them you dont agree to the terms but you then cannot use the card or your rate will go up to what they are now saying. Caution though, when you do that, do not answer any extra questions they may have or they will then lower your credit limit down to about a hundred bucks above what the current balance is. I was an ontime payer.

Paid extra every month. They all did this to me and now after my husband and I both losing our jobs, unemployment isn't cutting it. Now they aren't getting anything. You can only imagine what my rates are now.

If we get out of this financial situation, I will tell everyone to stay TOTALLY away from credit cards. They are a scam, they ruin people's credit and they profit Trillions off of our suffering.

Remember, if they have problems, the government is more than willing to pass a few billion their way.

GOOD LUCK and keep fighting.


Hey, yeah...they're a BANK! Why did that escape me? Aw, what did you expect: I'm a blonde! can't argue with logic like that! I'm going to use this to explain EVERYTHING from now on...

That dealer really ripped me off on the pre-owned automobile that he sold me. (It died within the first 30 days.)

WHAT DID YOU EXPECT: He's a used-car salesman!

Our president said that, if we passed his stimulus legislation quickly, unemployment would never hit 10%.

WHAT DID YOU EXPECT: He's a politician!

Those infidel Taliban terrorists just dirty-bombed Los Angeles and killed 5.5 million people.

WHAT DID YOU EXPECT: They're the bad guys!

Thanks for the pearl of wisdom, you *** pinhead!!! What, do you work for a bank or something!?

SERIOUSLY, THOUGH: they *did* provide a service, for which they charge a fee. I didn't really expect that I'd be able to sit on my nice low 5.9% interest rate forever. So when they raised it to 10.24%, I was not happy, but I could live with it. I DIDN'T EXPECT THAT THEY'D RAISE IT ANOTHER FIVE PERCENT IN FOUR MONTHS' TIME!!


Its a bank what do you expect. They provide no product and no service yet they post tremendous profits. Where do you think that money comes from?