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Chase took over my accounts and mortgages from Washington Mutual. Despite their legal issues, Wamu was very customer service oriented and helpful. Chase immediately took an attach the customer approach.

The first month they took over, I purchased a $10 item on my Wamu/Chase credit card. I went into the branch to find out where to send my payment, and the tellers told me that I would get the information in the mail. When I received the information, I sent in my payment. However, this was 45 days after the purchase. Chase gave me a 15 day grace period, and reported me as 30 days late on my credit card. They did not report the balance of my credit card which was $10. Not realizing that they were considering my payment late, I did not check my credit card balance after paying for my purchase. Chase had fined my account $29 for the late payment. They then reported my payment on the late fine as 60 days late to the credit agencies, and charged me another $29. I had to pay $87 in late fees on my $10 item, and my credit score was lowered from 750 to 500. And my credit card APR was moved from 11% to 30%.

Chase then closed my second mortgage line of credit because my credit score became lowered due to the late fees on the $10 item.

When I called to try to straighten out the situation, the Chase employee on the phone said, "No one will ever help you." I had asked if someone could help me straighten out the situation, and he said no. I asked for a supervisor, and he said he was the supervisor. I asked for a complaint department to speak to, and he said they don't have a phone. I asked what did he suggest, and that is when he said "No one will ever help you."

I called back to try a different representative, and was told essentially the same thing. I asked for an address to write to and the rep gave me a PO Box in Ohio and said that is the address for the head of their complaints.

I tried calling a third time, and was given essentially the same story, and when I asked for an address to write to I was given a PO Box in Idaho and told that is the address for the head of their complaint department.

Although, I suspected it would be a futile effort, but I wrote to the PO Boxes in Ohio and Idaho, and did not ever receive a response.

About 3 years later Chase had a phone rep call me and ask me why I didn't use my credit card. I explained what happened to me, and his response was, 'what can I do to get you to use your credit card?", and I assured him, nothing. Several days later, I received a promotion from Chase offering me to transfer any balances to my credit card for a 3% one time fee and 18 months of 0% interest. This is 2011 by now. And now Chase is offering to refinance my mortgage for a lower interest rate for free.

But there is no possibility that I am going to get stuck with Chase, the bank where "No one will ever help you" is the motto.

I have been winding down my business with them and getting myself untangled from Chase. It took them 3 years to realize they wanted me as a customer. And for the record, when I call to straighten out the excess fees and over zealous negative credit reporting, every person I talk to says, "I can't help you with that, but would you like to...." and then they offer to loan me more money. I asked that they at least report that the balance due was $10, and they decline.

Without any help from Chase, my credit score is above 700 again, but I will never forget the bank where the motto is 'no one will ever help you.'

Thanks, Chase. And hey, if it was up to me, when you needed a government bailout, my response would have been, 'no, and no one will ever help you.'

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You people are something else, found out today because I loaned my brother my card you went and locked me out of my account. But I have sent you email after email and you do not tell me a thing found this out from my brother that called the bank. I have a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to loan my card to who I wish to it is not up to you as to what I do with my card. But this is not the reason you locked down my account. You have locked it down because you wish to torment the handicapped. And guess because you’re in need of money you chose to disrespect your customers. But see I have come to grips that you are going to just steal the 1600 dollars in my account so just do it as I don’t need it as bad it seems you do. But I will go on posting all over the web that you people are a bunch of crooks and just torment the handicapped and there accounts with your bank. Remember you started this war and I love to smear people on the internet with the truth and will go on doing so with your bank. You wish to respond fine if not who in the *** cares if you do so at all.

Gina Whitecloud

Chase likes to play head games and insult the handicapped lock their accounts down, play with their money, lock it down so as they can’t pay their bills. Chase is just rude to their handicapped customers. I know as I am one of them.