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They were great when they were WAMU. Now they suck!

They just reduced my credit card limit from $11,200 down to $500 because I don't use it enough. I have great credit and I have two accounts with their bank. That is very bad for my credit rating because it raises my debt to available credit ratio, which will affect my rates for mortgages, etc.

Okay, I tried to submit this but it says I need 100 words. Let's see, I don't know quite what to say other than cuss words but I think my post might get thrown out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Credit Card.

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Chase Bank's executives are crooks. Jamie Dimon does not care about Customer service.

He is arrogant, rude and ruthless. He has no scruples. His employees follow his footstep. No one ever answers a phone call you go routed thru a channel of maze before you get to a human if lucky.

Consumers should withdraw all their savings from Chase and take it a credit Union or a small Regional bank.

But please do not exceed your savings higher then FDICA insured amount of $ 100,000. Write emails to your friends and colleagues and urge them to with draw their deposits from Chase and stop Banking with Chase. This is the only weapon that will have them do something for you.

Law suits don’t scare them . They have lawyers on retainers who will handle the suits


They are pushing up the rates on all thier loan account even credit cards, I was able to change out the morgage, but I have a 3.99% fixed rate on a consolidation balance tranfere loan on my chase C.C card with a balance of now of $22000 (started at $32000 two yrs ago), where I paid min. of at least 2% = $440 a mo.

(paying extra when I have it), well they chase decides that since they could not get away with ripping me off on the morgage, they would try to rip me off on the C.C. account. First the increased the min. payment to 5% in mid month after they had sent me the the monthly statement w/$440 min.

payment. I sent them $500 and they gave me a $39 late fee and said the min. was now $1010 and I owed them $1580 min. next mo.

or they would default to 29.99% interest.I paid them $2000 to clear and back payments. I asked them why and the supervisor accually said it was because they were not making big money on me. The supervisor after paying down $2000 also, offered me a 9.99% changeover rate for 2 years w/ a 5% bal. trans.

on the now $20000 = $1000 fee. This was an Chase trying to default the account to 29.99% or 2.5% monthly interest., then when I cought up with my emergence fund, they tried again w/ a higher limited time rate W/ A $1000 FEE TO BOOT!! I told them that they had caught me off balance, but I would stick with the low 3.99 year for the life of the loan, that I would just be paying it of quicker and each payment bring the monthly min. down.

If you have any kind of loan, C.C.,morgage, or business loan , transfer the balance to another bank as so as posible, and if chase really gets you behind the money train eightball, going bankrupt is always a option. Avoid doing business with them if you can!!!


They took my credit limit down by thousands, too. I think they are the absolute worst along side Wells Fargo Bank in regards to customer service.