Sumner, Washington

Chase is a horrible company to deal with. They "can not find" the faxes that are sent to them (x4), customer service can rarely speak English, and the Customer Service Reps are rude and unprofessional when you finally are able to speak to someone.

Chase Student Loans offer forbearance forms online, but do not think that the company will actually process, or approve, the form once you have faxed it to them repeatedly.

If you are in the process of getting college loans, my recommendation would be to go through ANY other company. My loans were purchased by Chase, but I have cancelled my checking & savings accounts that were originally WAMU.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Credit Card.

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They are the most incompetent fools in the world. First they try to tell my husband he is not a student and they pull his loan out of deferment every semester and tell him he owes.

One time they left his school's fax information that he was still a student in their fax machine for a week and hit his credit even after they got proof that he was still in school. And now they won't correct the credit report even though they had stuck his loan back in deferment (proof that they acknowledge that they mess up).

Why anyone would want anything to do with a company who can't even be bothered to check their fax machine that's five feet away and then won't fix a mistake even when they acknowledge they made it.


A year ago I applied for a student loan with Chase and it went through pretty smoothly; this year it is like a nightmare.... They discouraged me from submitting documentation via email, yet the fax was not legible, and would not be accepted.

Finally, I scanned and sent it via email...

they confirmed receipt, only to later on send me a notification that the document was still pending. Tuition payment is past due, I am now on the phone with them, and ten minutes have passed since I was asked to hold.


Chase is by far the WORST place to get a student loan. When I lost my job, I wasn't able to make the payments and the harnessed me DAILY and multiple times a day.

When asked about forbearences I was told I had to be able to make a payment in order to qualify (a lie) by several cs reps. They were rude and didn't care about whether I had a job or not. They told me to get the money from somewhere else (nowhere else to have gotten the money). Everytime I told them I had no way of paying they said "I'm sorry you lost your job but you HAVE to make the payment".

I will NEVER do business with them again once my loan is payed off. I wish they'd sell my loan like the did my other two I had to a much more friendly lender (that they did with NO notice to me until I got my first bill) and also, when the sold my first loan, I was STILL getting billed by Chade, even when they no longer owned it, and a cs rep told ne as long as I was still getting bills, whether or not I was getting them from somewhere else, I still had to pay THEM.


Chase student loans are horrible....avoid them at all costs...the little check in the mail isnt worth the interest, harrassment and the huge debt that comes along with it....runnnnnnn


Yeah I am pretty much going through the same thing. Lost my job chase asked me if i can make a 170 payment by jan 21st told them i dont have a job. Then asked if someone can loan me the money.....yeah....ok.


I agree... I am a cosigner and I think Chase is one of the worst banks I have ever used.

Their customer service is just aweful. I plan to depart from Chase Bank as soon as I can.

I also closed my Chase Credit Card tonight after my experience with them. Too Bad for Chase as there are other Banks that will get my business in the future!


I agree!!! Anyone out there looking for student loans DO NOT get any thru Chase..

I am closing my checking account with Chase as well due to the idiots.

They call and leave rude messages when you go behind on a couple payments and they refuse to work with people even when the economy is bad!!! Say NO to Chase student Loans!!!!!


I went through the same mess with Chase Student Loans. I am currently on the waiting list for the nursing program at my school and unable to take any further courses its a year wait.

I feel back into repayment and am currently unemployed due to the economy. Two months before my first payment in July I called and explained to them that I wanted to submit for unemployment deferment they said I would have to make the first payment which I did. Since then to now I have been lied to, had my first past due amount in my life, and still have not gotten a deferment. Since I lost my unemployment I have decided to not pay them until I go back to school in order to get my grants.

This bank sucks, they are anti-student, anti-american, they are like a mafia taking our tax money and their clients money. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE IDIOTS!