Tinley Park, Illinois

A vendor took money out of my account. So I called the customer service claims department and they refunded me and then the same day took out money out of my account plus some!

Then they cancelled my debit card! So I tried to close my account and they wouldn't let me! So I took all my money out! They are a horrible bank and this was the best think that could happen because now I have a much better bank!

They are so rude and don't care about their customers. Please do not keep this bank open. They steel peoples money and don't care!

They are in buisness because they steel! Please someone reply to my message to help get rid of chase so that more people don't have to go through this!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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guy who got his dl taken, i would have jumped the counter and left a bloody stump. lady who had the car sold and money taken, i would have lit the place on fire.

if ppl just take all this sitting down, it will never stop. i say we kill them all.


Chase is full of ***, they took my DL away from me because it was "fake" I showed them my expired DL and they keep telling me that it was "fake" I had lost my debit card so I couldn't take my money out, I request another one and they told me that sadly they froze my account, the next day I got a letter saying that they were going to close my account and they were going to send me a check with my ending balance ( it was for $298.00) I had wait for like 4 weeks to finally get my check and what was my surprise they just returned $114.00 as the ending balance of my account, this is incredible, I hate Chase they like to take advantage of people. No I lost $185 and I had to pay again to get a new DL because they didn't gave me my DL back :(


Don't get your auto loan from Chase bank. When you try to sell your car, and you pay off your loan, Chase Bank takes 2 weeks to get you the title.

They took 5 days to clear a bank certified check!

Then to top it all off they would not send the title overnight. THAT'S POOR LOAN SERVICING FOLKS!


Chase Auto Finance stole my money out of my Chase Bank Account. They gave me less then a month to take my money...

I received a letter on 11/07/09 stating they sold my vehicle 10/24/09 for $4838. On 11/10/09 $3800 was taken out of my checking & was told this is legal. They never gave me a chance! AND the guy had the nerve to go and have my Chase credit cards lowered..

to make sure I could not survive! I am single & have 2 kids to take care of, they took all my money out before any bills were paid for the month! It's bad enough it was right before Christmas! BUt now I have to find a way to keep my kids fed & the roof over their heads, electric & water on!!!

This is so horrible. I am living a nightmare. They had no heart. I had my checking account there for 18 years (since it was Bank One)..

They do not care about ANYONE!

A ton of people I know are leaving Chase for what they have done. They do not trust them & are sickened by the way they have handled all of this.


I had done a payday loan was we offer cash. they held the money twice out of my account.

So deposited more money and changed checking account ###s Chase gave them my new account number and allowed it again. I tried 7 times to stop payment noone would let me. so I went to another bank. in the mean time they cleaned out my room mates account because he was on a account i use to have but not the one they give the money to we offer cash.

Its not enough they stole million of taxs payers tax money but now they screwin us one by one. This happen at the pecanland mall branch in monroe la.

before of people named ruby rinestone cubic zaconia ect. Now we know why she was always braging about buying new cars, she sells our personal info

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