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My father received a letter in the mail stating that Chase had sold his mortgage to Ocwen Lending, LLC. I asked my dad, who is 92, if he had gotten behind on his payments or if he had made any changes without asking me and he said no and that he wanted to stay with Chase.

What is going on? I did research online about Chase selling mortgages without people's consent and I'm very confused. Is there any way I can fight this for my dad?

I keep reading about Ocwen having hidden fees, increasing mortgage payments, etc...My dad is on a limited income and I don't want that to happen. Please help!

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I am lawyer contact me


I went in to the Chase branch where I always make my payments. The pulled the pmt via my debit card from my credit payment and then said the computer was not permitting them to accept my payment.

They got a banker to take me to a private area and look up why. They told me my mortgage had been sold on July 7 to ocwen and that they were unable to allow me to make the pmt. My mortgage is current. I actually was directed by this same branch to go to Independence Ohio to one of these high rent Chase help centers.

I was told my mortgage was current, no issues. I had advised that I had been placed on full disability and was worried my pmt might adjust. Again, told my the rep that pmts were current, no issues and perhaps I could qualify for a pmt reduction or even have some of the principal balance forgiven. I indicated that I would keep my current pmt if there was not a way to reduce it.

I was then sent a modification agreement from chase that actually raised the pmt! I did not fill out papers nor did I return anything. Then I got an escrow statement. The next day I went to make my reg.

pmt and found out that my mortgage was sold. Chase is corrupt. I was scammed out of money numerous times. I have no clue as to why they sold my mortgage but feel it is because I made an inquiry regarding my income reduction.

Payments current and was only an inquiry. I will be seeking input from Ohio's attorney general (AGAIN). I will also give all my documents to an attorney to get this resolved once and for all. In conclusion, all in one month I personally met with Chase rep who said mortgage is in great shape and current.

Got a modification approval that I did not ask for, and same week got an escrow statement from Chase.

this was a week after they apparently sold my mortage to ocwen without my knowledge or consent,,...worst thing, the chase banker made a call to see what was going on and the ocwen rep is in INDIA. ***.......I can't take it anymore.


We were wth Chase mortage company for many years. They sold our loan to Ocwen without authorization or even notifying us.

This company (Ocwen) told us that we were behind 18 months in payments. What!!!! 18 months ago we completed and began the new terms of a loan modificiation with Chase (our oringinal loan company).

Chase tells us that they transferred all of the documentation to Ocwen and Ocwen says Chase notified them that we were behind. This is ridiculous and it should be a crime!!!


Well, I had another problem with Ocwen and my dad's mortgage. They tried to get him into an accelerated mortgage payment plan WITHOUT his consent and charge a 250 dollar fee to activate it.

He had to call and ask them to cancel it. I'm sick of these people.


I think we should all get together and file a class action lawsuit against chase and ocwen because what they have done to people is horrible and should be stopped.


WOW after reading so many reviews I know that this company is NOT for me.. Chase sold my mortgage without my knowledge, however I am in an active bankruptcy(Chapt 13) doesn't make a difference because according to Ocwen which I just received notification that they were my new servicing company via mail from Chase sending me back my last two payments...

I spoke with Ocwen they stated that I have not made a payment since May......

2011 It is July 2012....Yet on my credit report I am current with Chase until the sale in April 2012.... I will contact my attorney but does anyone have any suggestions to get my loan refinanced


We started a modification with Chase, made the 3 trial payments, and an extra one. My husband got a call last week to congratulate him that we had been approved for the modification.

Then he received a call yesterday, that they need more paperwork. And when you call, you have one person that is suppose to handle it all. Never can get in touch with him. Now after reading this, i am so afraid that they will sell out mortgage and we won't know about it.



Chase sold my mortgage to ocwen and now they are trying to Charge me 395.00 for transfer fee that's ridiculous I am nearly make monthly payments now I got this fee that's not fare


me too crooks take it to attorney and don't pay it its illegal


like how they never send you information and then you call for some random *** and your told you owe 1 grand for something?!! I'm like I owe WHAT for WHY?

*** no I didn't agree to pay fee's for a mortgage sale! I didn't agree or sign anything? NO NOTIFICATION people....this ain't my first rodeo I've had mortgages been bought several times never been charge or assessed fees.

I straight up told um Im not paying tht! Send me copies for my lawyer.


Ok, check my first comment. They ended up calling me stating all sorts of terms of my mortgage, adjustable rate, balloon payment, etc..

I asked them what my terms were and they said they didn't have my mortgage terms from the lender (chase) yet.

I asked them how the *** they could alter something they didn't even know about and they couldn't answer. They asked me to send them my paperwork and I simply told them I would be sending it to my state attorney generals office and I was sure they would be in touch with them.


Be careful with Ocwen, this company sucks! I am a realtor in los angeles and was in desperate needs to do a loan mod with Ocwen which wasted my valuable time and immediately put me on a notice to sale and wasn't able to do a short sale due to Ocwen wasting my time and energy with these agents in India. Why should we have to talk to Customer Service in India while our loan is in the United States. This is not good business with a company that has all your personal information and these people in India (3rd world) can possibly use. BEWARE! All I can say is get out while you can with this Company before it's too late.


Previous Ocwen Customer (not by choice but by loan company that sold my loan to Ocwen)

who was highly dissatisfied with them.


I got the same letter, however I also have my signed agreement from chase with my new loan terms so my attorney said ocwen was liable to uphold them in full. but, now that my new terms are good (I received 75,000 in principal reduction) I can refinance to an even lower rate.

but, with Ocwen, you never know. I'll bail on them as soon as I can.


please help me. How did you get a principal reduction?

I pd 36000 for my little dumpy house in 1975. Got divorced, raised three kids alone for many years, struggled to keep my home. Refinanced several times but for under 80,000 total. Now I owe 200,000 and don't know why.

I just got sold to ocwen even though my loan is current. Chase would not take my July pmt..which makes me late as of july 16. I have been current since my loan mod almost 5 years ago. I am single turning 60.

in ohio, medina county. what can I do.


Our loan was also supposed to be transferred on April 2. Chase approved our request for modification on March 29 (great news!) and said that the transfer would not happen.

We learned today that in fact the transfer happened because OCWEN did not reply to Chase and as a result our approval has been revoked. If anyone is in the same situation, let us know what you intend to do. The lawyers representing us say that we have to go through the whole process again with OCWEN and that it should be approved in 1 month.

I am VERY skeptical about this to say the least. What else can we do?


Chase just sold mortgage to Ocwen April 2, 2012. I have yet to receive any legal notification.

I was in the middle of modification. Ocwen demands a reinstatement fee for escrowed monies that Chase did not have authority to make.


I contacted Chase and they said that it was an "investor" decision. That they sell mortgages in bulk and are chosen at random.

I told them that I was pissed off that they would sell my dad's loan to such a shady company but they didn't care. I'm sick and tired of being at the mercy of these banks, doing things right, paying on time, and then they go sell my dad's mortgage to a company that has an F rating with the BBB. The lady I spoke to said that OcWen has to abide by the original mortgage contract, but I read online that many people have had trouble with them.

I protect my dad like a tiger so if Ocwen starts causing problems, they'll have to deal with me. :(


I received the same letter. I was going to call this morning and see what is happening.

I am in the middle of modification. This better not stop it.