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Chase failed to put through my address change, so, after years of using their credit card, often for several thousand dollars a month, and paying it every month, on time, I missed a payment by about a 10 days. They charged not only interest by late fees. This happened a second month. When you add to the late fees to the interest they wanted the equivalent of over 35% interest from a customer from whom they made a lot of money over a lot of years.

Nobody would respond to my letters, not even the famous Jamie Diamond, the CEO to whom I wrote twice. They just keep sending bills for a couple of bucks because no matter what you do, you can't escape their exorbitant charges.

It's the worst service I've seen at a bank in over 30 years. Nobody cares. Nobody responds. I've taken my credit card business that still averages several thousand dollars in charges per month (I travel on business) to another bank that actually offers at least a tiny amount of service.

My recommendation is to avoid anything from Chase.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Credit Card.

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If you have been treated like you are nothing by these people, please friend me on FB so I can start a group to show these people and others, that are thinking about opening an account how awful they are. Please friend me if you have an FB account, or open a new one (takes seconds), as i did and friend me. Clark Stanford.


I used the iphone feature to cash a paycheck back in August of 2010. In Jan on 2011, I found out that someone stole the original check and cashed it at Bank of America in branch back in Nov 2010.

By the way I do not have a Bank of America account. Jan 2011 Chase then debits my account for the amount of the stolen paycheck. The bank my job uses is Chase and my personal banking is also with Chase. I then file a police report stating the check had been stolen.

Go to my nearest branch to try and resolve the issue. I am met with an attitude of indifference when dealing with CSR Katie Smith face to face. I am told to bring in a copy of the police report and a copy of the cashed check then they can start an investigation. So in the mean while my account is in a negative balance.

I then contacted the comptroller of my company in New York and he sent a copy of the cashed check to the CSR in the Royal Palm Beach branch. I call the branch to follow up on my case and the CSR who is supposed to be handling my case is not in again. So I ask to speak with the manager since she said she has mad the manager aware of the problem. It has been nearly four hours and the manager has yet to call me back with an update of my situation.

All day he has been unavailable. I offer to come to talk to the manager then. Again the CSR on the phone Alex tells me he will take my name and number and have the manager get back to me. So here I am a couple of weeks into my problem and it seems like the bank does not care.

They don't care that the check was stolen, don't care that I don't have the cash equivalent to afford such a loss right now, don't care that the check was cashed more than 90 days after the day I cashed it. It seems like they only care about making me a victim for a second time. Even now I am still waiting on a phone call to resolve this. You would think that who ever deposited my stolen paycheck in Bank of America would have needed to provide an account number and some ID to do so.

In a day and age of modern technology and cameras they can easily have the footage pulled from where it was cashed and see who cashed it. By doing that they would know it was not me and would prove that the person who cashed it was not given it by me. But the bank does not appear interested in justice or fairness. I feel as if I have been robbed a second time by the bank.

Cause after 60 days of a negative balance the account gets closed and to collections it goes. And another negative remark added to my credit report.


Wow. I just found out that Chase lowered my line of credit from 5,000 to 2,600 because they were afraid I would "Rack up my card." I explained to them that I have NEVER had a late payment with them and that if anything they have always recieved the payment on time.

They refused to restore my line of credit and the man I spoke with was very "Un-friendly." SO needless to say I ordered him to cancel my acount and I will take my business to a Credit Card Company that actually likes money and good business. Wow funny how they get rid of the good customers with such peddly garbage.



Oct 16 2009- received call mortgage payment was not rec'd

I immediately called Customer Service & determined they had check but it was missing a loan number (third party bank left it off inadvertently when changing the check name from Washington Mutual to Chase as requested).

I was told check was in their possession and they just needed to verify and post. I did not have to do a thing. THAT WAS IN OCTOBER!

Today (Feb 2010) I have spoken to countless incompetent customer service reps, supervisors and even contacted the CEO's office which forwarded me to the person dedicated to Customer Complaints who sent it off to an Escalation Team in So. Carolina. Nothing has been resolved and in meantime, late fees grow (I will never pay a dime), my credit is impacted and they apply more recent payments to the older ones creating a new problem every month.

Absurdities and Lies:

***They say they will call back and never do.

***They all say they will "escalate" your case but it is a meaningless word.

***They all say sorry and this has never happened but if you get someone who speaks freely they will tell you it's a mess since the Wash Mutual deal went thru and they cannot merge systems or processes effectively.

My Advice:

Never ever do business with this organization. They are incompetent on the most basic of processes-- posting a check in their own hands.

Trust me-- you do not want to learn this the hard way. There is no respect for the consumer. Apologies are empty when nobody there (even those sent from David Lowman, the Chase Home Finance CEO) can figure out how to post a check they rec'd last October.


Credit Balance with JP Morgan Chase Bank Credit Card

JP Morgan Chase Bank Credit Card Complaint

You were reading a complaint about JP Morgan Chase Bank Credit Card.

Filing a new complaint about

On 11-23-07 I by mistake made a payment of $11,000.00 instead of my credit card *********** balance of $1000.00.

It is 12-10-2007, 10:43 AM CST yet to receive the over payment.

11-25-07 at 8:17PM CST Ms. Erin took my 1st call and promised to get this issue resolved by sending me the credit balance right back in 2 to 3 days.

To date I have not received my money back. I have made numerous calls to Chase customer service 800-436-7927 and why my money has not been returned back?


Jamie Dimon is an unethical ***. I am a former WAMU customer who was screwed over when Chase bought them with taxpayer money.

They changed my due date & didn't send me statements. I did have my due date on my calendar (as Jamie Dimon suggested)& when I went on line to pay my bill I was told my payment was late & I was charged $39. I called customer service & spoke with an *** in India who couldn't tell me my due date or how to figure my due date. He did tell me if I didn't like Chase to take my business elsewhere.

I never had a problem with WAMU. I didn't get a statement for 3 months even tho I called several times to let them know there was a problem. I did not have universal billing with WAMU so therefore by law Chase could not change my interest rate & due date. Obviously Chase feels they are above the law.

I will not pay Chase another dime & have filed complaints with the BBB & The FTC. I am disputing the tradeline on my CBR. Chase ignored me until I stopped paying them. Now I get an average of 30 calls per week on my cell phone.

Chase took bailout money & took jobs away from Americans & sent them to India. CHASE SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN.


I too was ripped off by Chase. My husband and I were unhappy with their shenanigans a couple years back and closed their card, vowing never to have another Chase card.

But lo and behold, my Bank One card became a Chase card because Chase bought them out. The only balance on my Bank One card was a transfer at 3.99% for the life of the loan. I didn't use the card for anything else because that, of course, would have back loaded the higher interest rate. So they added a monthly fee to my card which ups the rate to 5.54%.

Still not a bad rate, however, it's a breach of contract! When I called and asked about it, they said they had the right to do that because they are not calling it interest. They are calling it a service fee. On their own statement, they provide the following info: Effective annual pecentage rate: 5.54%.

So, on their own statement, they acknowledge that they breached their contract and they won't do anything about it.

But I'm not surprised by dishonest tricks from financial institutions. It's the name of the game these days.


Chase has 155 millions cards in circulation and 10 millions transactions a day. About 15 percent of our card members are idiots like you who read this ***.

Pay your bill on time! Not getting a statement is not a good answer not to make a payment. Setup auto pay, use the internet, and get reminders. If all else fails write your due date on a daily calendar.

Quit being pathetic and lazy all your life and looking for chase to bail you out of your hole. Take responsibility for your actions!


We had the exact problem, only they failed to send me a statement (they said it themselves), and I missed payment by a month. Stay away from Chase and Mastercard.

Oh, and they sent me to their bank to fix it...they couldn't do anything, although I called, and they confirmed that they could. What a joke.


HaHa you wrote Jamie Diamond....Believe me he does not deal with any credit card unless it's for millions a month. Getting mail to him is next to impossible it gets filtered and intercepted by several others.

You need to walk in a branch and talk to a banker or manager they will get your fees fixed. they are more caring and and respect your business.

Phone banking is usually a waste of time. If you didn't change your address in a branch it make take weeks or months before it gets done.


I am sorry for your experience with Chase, I work in a small call center in Dubuque Iowa and have the extreme misfortune of answering phones for Chase ID Protection and Chase Fraud Detector. I talk to at least 80 to 90 people per day who all swear they told the customer service They didn't want the service. I believe them because it is statistically impossible that they are all telling the exact same story. Unfortunately when customers call to cancel we are required to try and save them with chases scripting if we don't then we will lose our jobs, that is that. Chase ID Protection scripting goes like this

I am sorry you wish to cancel today may I ask why?

customer states reason:

I would just like to let you know that the reason we created Chase ID protection is because ID theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation and anyone can become a victim at any time.......

It goes on and on and basically it is a scare tactic, as a phone rep I get yelled at daily, and realistically the best way to handle these *** programs is to interrupt the operator after they hit their main script, then tell them you want to cancel and explain to them that you don't want the service.

at this point the operator is going to pause and look at how you were enrolled in the program (if they haven't already that is)

customers are enrolled In ID protection and Fraud Detector the one following ways

OBTM; Out bound telemarketing

STS: Sales to service

DM: Direct Mail

BT: Bang Tail

VRU: Voice Response Unit

OBTM means that they were contacted by a telemarketer and enrolled willingly (and most of the time unwillingly) If you honestly said no then what you do is ask for a supervisor and ask to have them pull the recording so you can here it too, once the recording is pulled and the find out you did say no they will issue all credits back to you

STS means the customer called customer service for something unrelated and given the sales pitch and enrolled willingly (and again most of the time unwillingly) If you honestly said no then what you do is ask for a supervisor and ask to have them pull the recording so you can here it too, once the recording is pulled and the find out you did say no they will issue all credits back to you

DM: is direct mail this one means they either sent a check or a gift card and the customer either used it or cashed it depending on the case. We are only allowed to issue one credit back for this type of enrollment so if you get a check by all means cash it then call in 14 days later and cancel then you get the money back for the charge and are ahead whatever the check or gift card was for.

BT: means that it was an extra piece at the bottom of the bill that offered you a chance to receive materials about the program (the catch is the only way to get the materials is to be enrolled in the program. (it is right there in very tiny tiny print)

VRU is when you call in and are talking to that *** electronic voice and pushing the appropriate buttons, if it asks you if you want to hear about something say no or you will end up enrolled in the program

Don't be intimidated by their scare tactics, just stay calm because if you lose your cool it is easier for them to take the high ground and make you feel bad or win the argument. Here are questions that should be asked

1.) when was my service enrolled?

2.) How was I enrolled ? (we are not supposed to tell customers how they were enrolled unless the customer insists on the answer otherwise it will result in written documentation and eventually termination.)

3) What is your Name and operator number? (if asked we are required to give it out and IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE ASKED FOR AND WRITTEN DOWN FOR FUTURE REFERENCE)

Lets say your bill is showing a 7.99 charge for Chase Fraud detector (CFD) and an 11.99 charge for Chase ID Protection (CHIPS) and you call the 800 number for CFD and want to cancel both. The operator will tell you that they only work with CFD (A lie required by Chase, although they do not work with Payment Protector or Chases other Programs) and that you have to call the 800 number for CHIPS to get that canceled. Tell them you know they take both and you want both charges canceled (The operator will most likely pause but comeback with the same story, which they will do if they value their jobs) At this point remain calm and ask for a supervisor, explain to the supervisor everything you know and tell them you want both accounts canceled because you don’t want to wait on hold all day, they should oblige you at this point.

I hope this info can help you and others you know, and if it does please try to be civil with the operator who answers if for no other reason than it may be me on the other end and I was nice enough to give you all you need to fight these charges successfully