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I have been "in process" or refinancing my home with Chase Mortgage for about 6 months now. During that time, I have experienced nothing but grief caused by their utter incompetence. They have requested 5 duplicates of my financial records, lost much of my information, and never actually allowed me to talk to a single person that actually knew enough to answer any of my questions.

Every month that they delayed my loan, they requested updated financial information. I complained each time becuase I was very afraid of identity theft. This is especially true when the person on the other end of the line has no record of me even sending my information the first 5 times. When they finally got to the point that they said I could close, they socked me with a bunch of extensions that added points to my refinance. They wanted over 8K to close.

The appraisal was done which devalued my home well below market value and they required mortgage insurance. To this day I could never get an answer out of them what that would cost. Not that I would ever do this anyway. I would never even consider owning a house that I couldn't put enough money towards to not require mortgage insurance.

After I finally got sick enough of all this, I told them to just cancel the whole thing. Well guess what, they couldn't refund the $400 app fee because it was against their policy. I was basically charged $400 for 6 months of frustration caused by their incompetence. As a bonus, I also have a fear that someone withing their obviously screwed up business is doing something with my personal info.

My message to all: Stay as far away from these folks. They use the Chase name which I always considered to be a sound name in the financial world to scam the honest and hard working folks of this country. What an absolute shame. If I can figure out what to do about it, I'll be all over it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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fell for the refinance scam to lower my payment. in month 4 I get a letter stating my payment was going up to more than it was before I ref. Next time at least tell me Chase you are going to screw me so I see it coming.


I refinanaced my morgage thru a diff company. That company then sold it to chase.

Everything was fine for the 1st couple of months till my payments started goin up!! I called them and asked why. They told me that its their policy to have escrow accounts for their morgages for taxes. Well I paid all my taxes on my own and never signed any papers to have a escrow account!

They told me they can just do it wether I want it or not! Plus every 3 months they would put me on their home owners ins even tho I had my own. After faxing and refaxing and faxing again a copy of my paid policy they would fix it. Long story short....cons all cons!!!

Over a 6 month period my payments went up more then $600 extra a month...tried modification had the same problems every1 else here has...then filed bankrupcey and told them they can have the house!!! Now 2 years after they dont want the house and want to pay me to sell it for them!!!

Fat chance!!! I want nothing to do with them and that house which legally they own but wont take!!!


I applied for a loan modification and Chase delayed me 6 months while asking for the same documents previously sent, package was completed and they sold my loan to a collection company without notice. They lied to me and failed to work with me.

Chase is a fraud, it seeks to profit from the sale of property to collection agencies. Fraud, Fraud, Fraud I hope the burn in *** all of them!


I am still in the "mortgage re-modification" stage after 2 years! After I was 3 months behind, the Chase law team wrote to me stating that nothing less than full payoff of the remainder of the loan would be accepted.

I too continued sending in repeated information as requested. The most recent occurrence to the process was a proposed "repayment" option, in which they gather all my financial info and come up with a monthly payment to get me current.

The payment was equal to my monthly income, minus $55! Love these guys!


I can sympathize with you. I am in a holding pattern for months waiting for a refinance.

I am a long time customer(11 years) with Chase and they have my present mortgage. They approached me offering a lower rate to refinance. I have excellent credit and have never been late with payments. Here is the caveat, I have a coop.

The appraiser they sent was not familiar with my area and under appraised my place. I complained when I saw the report. There were several mistakes and inaccurate information. The value should have gone up slightly because I renovated bath and kitchen since last appraisal.My dispute fell on deaf ears.

Like you they keep asking for updated financials because months keep passing.

I just want a firm answer - Yes or No. I am wondering if this is a scam to get application fees on loans they have no intention of approving.