Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

They took $750. up front for a refinance and put me through a half dozen hurdles collecting all my records.

Then they have delayed and delayed, 3 months, now at 5 months. I have made dozens of calls and none have been returned. It is deplorable. Dont do business with these thieves.

They took $750.

up front for a refinance and put me through a half dozen hurdles collecting all my records. Then they have delayed and delayed, 3 months, now at 5 months. I have made dozens of calls and none have been returned.

It is deplorable. Dont do business with these thieves.

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Normally a drop of less than one percent is not worth the trouble with the usual closing costs. I can't imagine why a bank or anyone would want to voluntarily lower your rate without a profit motivation in the form of closing costs or something.

I assume that the terms of the loan will be extended so that would provide for some return to them for their effort. I think I would just ask them the question up front. Why? Whats in it for you?

We all understand tht a business of any sort has to make a reasonable profit but the key word is 'reasonable'. You have to make your own decision about what is reasonable. I deal offered by any institution with what appears to be zero profit for them is a red flag. There is no such thing as something for nothing.

Maybe they are trying to fill a quota or something. Only they have the answer.


I have been working on a Refi with Chase for 4 weeks. I have a 825 FICO & verifiable income.

They have called me 20X & asked for one ting after another even through they have had the prior loan for 8 years. DO NOT refi with them!


I know two people personally who have been turned down for a refinance from Chase who should have gotten the refinance. One of these people has enough money in investments to buy the property outright three times over, and is a psychologist.

They both have perfect credit. Chase does not want to refinance your property and they will do anything to deny you.


I just received a letter offering a refi offer so I proceeded to go to their website to find out I can't find the offer. I then entered info to find out I do not qualify for any time of refinance. This is what happens when banks and government do anything together.


Kevin, tell me more about what happened? I just experienced the same thing.

I paid them a $400 application fee, only to find close to the closing date that I could not afford what they told me I had to pay at closing.

The could have told me this earlier in the process. Also, they told me one thing and then told me something else later.


I have been jerked around for almost 2 months after paying the fee for the refinance. I was set to go to close and once again the numbers changed by 5K.

I am waiting to hear why. I believe CHASE is running a scam.


I provided all the information in March 2009, Chase asked for it again months later because it was too old. Then did that again months later.

When I called again in mid-2010 they said I personally canceled the modification request but I had faxed (and had proof) the 3rd repeat requested information the day after they said I canceled the request. Then I was called in Nov 2010 to refinance. I did all the paperwork and waited to close.

I lost my job in late Dec 2010 so they would not refinance now. So almost 2 years later from my initial attempt, I am unemployed and never got my loan refinanced.


Chase is great if you have good credit and actually qualify...anyone who does not have good credit or a verifiable income will not qualify anywhere ...Chase is heavily regulated as are all the big banks...this is what you get with the Obama administration and his Czars...

@Steve K

Dahhhh!!!! What you just stated is the way the system is suppose to work.

The whole housing industry collapsed and we are dealing with the aftermath because mortgage loans were made with people who otherwise wouldn't qualify to purchase a hat pin let alone thousands of dollars for a home. No regulations allow greedy institutions to do whatever they want to take advantage of the consumer and allow CEO's who already make millions of dollars to walk away with even more in retirement packages after ripping us off. Blame Obama if you want but someone had to take a step toward leveling the playing ground.

This country has gone overboard for too long with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. I can see what side of the fence you're on based on your ignorant comment.


same here




We sent in our packet to Chase and followed up today , they said we didn't send it in in time so we were denied. I said we overnighted it last week and I have the receipt I can show you.

Naturally the manager back peddled and said we can send it in again, so we will of course do it but it seems obvious they are looking for a reason to say no to a refinance. Don't know who I can turn to, maybe HUD?


My current home mortgage was sold to Chase some times ago. I just received a letter from Chase, they are offering to refinance my loan to 4.5% (from 5 3/8) at no charge. No $750 fee, no points, nothing. The 4.5% rate is locked in for only a few more days.

I called the contact number and was assigned a rep. I answered my questions and ensured me no additional fees would apple.

So I ask.. do I stick with my current Chase loan or refinance to a lower rate Chase loan?


Don't ever do business with them! 2yrs.

now into modification, countless agents involved, no answers! I even found out thru goggle (after much search) who CEO was, called his office, talked to his sect. who gave me contact for VP of US Mortages. After 1 1/2 yrs.

with her, finally was told they won't do anything unless your payments are late (ours weren't, just looking to refin.). Basically, after 2 yrs. filing Bankruptcy 7. FYI, if you don't file Bank.

7 0r 13 and just foreclose, Chase has up to 20 yrs. in some states to come after you for the difference of sale vs. owed mortgage and from what we've been told, this will be the next "big business". All these people who have foreclosed are in for a big surprise and they will either set up their own collections or sell it to an agency.

What a racket. RUN from Chase, get a lawyer so they can't come after you for the difference of what the house sold at auction for and the loan amount!

Check out your state laws on this. It's the next big windfall and every lawyer will tell you so!


All of thies people, are telling the truth!Chase,BofA their for the richest people,in the world. The working class,they just use,And why is this country in a depression? Loan modification,they dont make any money down the road for investers!A fixed rate, are you kidding.


We have been contacted by Chase employees twice, asking if we'd like to refinance our loan and save lots of money. Of course we're interested in saving money, but when we wanted answers to some very simple questions based on our previous credit score before applying for the loan, they would not talk to us.

I cannot know if I want to apply for a loan without knowing all the details of what's being offered.

This last time, when I asked specific questions of Christopher Campbell, who had contact us, he said he "did not have time" to answer them. Now that's excellent customer service, isn't it?


CRS, really? You think this is a proper venue to discuss how hard it is for banks? One of the main reasons it is "harder to get approval for a loan" is that loan officers will not answer simple questions.


chase loan modifying is a TOTAL SCAM! re apply reapply reapply fax fax fax call call call wait wait wait repeat repeat repeat over and over and over it never ends !


Watch out for Chase refinance scam procedure:

1) Chase assign one loan officer (officer #1) to contact you and promise to help reduce mortgage payment to keep you in your house.

2) Chase wants you to scrape your credit card and send them 3 months mortgage payments to prove that you are willingly to work out the problem with Chase.

3) Chase tell you that you are not qualified to lower down your mortgage payment.

4)You contact Chase to complain, Chase then send another "loan officer" (officer #2) to tell you that Chase sorry that they "lost all of your documents and your money", so you have to repeat the process from begining.

5) Chase's officer #2 lead your through repeating this procedure from step 2) above. Each time the "loane officer" makes money from you and pass you on to the next "loan officer", and this scam would never end.

*** Don't let yourself fall in Chase Mortgage Refinance Scam.


For those of you who "love chase!" or think "Chase bank does not run scams." are outside your tiny little minds! Do your research and you will find nothing but horrible things that bank has done to people from completely trashing credit scores, lying, not returning phone calls and stealing money!