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Come on - give me a break. My business partner, a Chase account holder, sent a QuickPay payment to me two days ago and it still hasn't posted to my account which is also a Chase business account.

QuickPay is ***. If you want a really quickpay scenario, use PayPal and pay the 6%.

At least this is what quick pay really is about NOT what Chase offers. QuickPay from Chase is a scam to hold your money longer in order for Chase to earn more interest for themselves.

QuickPay from Chase is not really what the consumer expects it to be.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Account.

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My husband sent me money on chase quick pay its now been almost 2days and they kept the money. We both have chase accounts which I am considering closing.

We have been calling and all we get is the run around and lied to over and over again. My advice is don't use this at all.

You will be robbed of your money.


I like my last employer deposit my last 2 checks in my checking accounts. To log in is too difficult. I should need the wire number wherein my employer need badly so they can deposit in my bank.


I have my paychecks deposited by the company I perform contract work for and although they send the deposit through on Thursday, Chase holds my fund through QuickPay until the following Monday. Truly awful bank!!!


Chase just told me they could hold funds up to 5 business days!


i can't believe so many people are having this same problem. Complete BS!


I can attest to this, the phone representatives are so clueless, They pass me to numerous department and they still couldn't resolve my authentication issue


I will never recomend Quick pay, it is the Biggest scam of the highest order. I rceived a quick payment from a company that I provide service.

I usually receive the payment weekly but on May 23, 2015 I accepted the payment but Chase bank will not release the fund claiming that they need to verify from the sender. I did a confrence call with the sender still they will not make my money avaialable. they finally blocked my account until im able to go into a branch to identify myself when the know very well that the Bank is not open till tuesday May 25, 2015.

CHASE BANK IS THE BIGGEST SCAMMER. General public beware of their fruadulent practises


I wish they would've done that when I sent $1500 to a chase account holder and she never got it. It went to a Wells Fargo account holder because apparently this Wellsfargo account holder had the same phone number at some point in time before the person I sent the money to (chase account holder).

Now, Chase tells me that they don't consider this a fraudulent transaction so they're not willing to pursue it. I'm out of $1500 and some *** I don't even know has my my money!!

WellsFargo says that Chase has to open a "Reg E Claim" in order for Wells Fargo to do anything and Chase refuses because to them it was a legitimate transaction. If anyone has any suggestions that can help me get my cash back please let me know.


My father transferred money to me last week, it has said in process since then. I've been calling Chase constantly and everyone keeps apologizing and saying that there is nothing they can do.

I don't currently live near any chases otherwise I would of never attempted this idiotic service.

This money was for classes that needed to be paid today, thanks to chase I had to drop them. Quick pay, not so quick...not even sure where that money is.


I never had any problems with Chase Quickpay. its great!!


I work a second job out of necessity, and the company I consult for is out of state. We use QuickPay, and it's never been acceptable in terms of speed.

The latest payment is the worst ever. It's been a week, my payment is being *held* by Chase for reasons the phone agent does not have access to, and I'm now overdrawn. I still have to wait 2 more days for my funds. Unfortunately, I can't *hold* the overdraft payments that Chase takes right out of my account.

In short, they are holding my money arbitrarily and taking extra $35 "overdrafts". This would be considered stealing if a citizen handled someone else's money this way.

Chase is floating my money and then double-dipping with fees that would not happen if they kept the 4-5 business days promise! Don't ever use this service if you need a quick transfer!


This is the most amazingly customer-unfriendly money transferring process I have ever experienced. It is an absolute cluster ***.

I have gone through the tedious, confusing process and now nothing has transferred, despite verifying my account days ago. The "Quick Pay" account I was forced to create has no record/mention of the payment I am supposed to receive. Therefore I have no idea what is happening or not.

"Chase" is more like "Wild Goose Chase." I have ZERO faith in this bank's ability to execute technically and ethically at this point. This has created an embarrassing situation between my customer and myself.


p), that was 8 days ago and its still not available in my bank account. it is in my present balance but i cant uae it til its in the available balance.

its been in the present balance since day 4, still waiting on it... i went to my bank yesterday to go see if i could just pick it up, and they werent allowed to and said it would be here by 12 a.m last night, but still... not available.

i DO NOT recommend this whatsoever at all if you are in a rush to get money it is not 'quick' its slower than any money transfer i hace ever done. i would give it no stars....


When I try to accept a payment from Chase QuickPay i get a server side error. I called them to get assistance and they are telling me that I am using the wrong Internet Provider.


i've used quickpay a number of times and it's always been really quick and really easy.


if steve has had such a *great* experience with Chase Quickpay, then i wonder what could have *possibly* brought him to this page?? which is a scam concern page..hmmmm.

well, what?, he fell off the internet search cliff of bank lies & bank scam concerns, when he was *really* looking for pages full of *positive* Chase Bank reviews?? sounds like a plant to me..what about the rest of you?

wow..& they're always so obvious! they're ridiculous!!


Actually I'm here because my ex-wife was having problems changing bank accounts via the Quickpay system and I was looking for assistance with that. She entered the wrong info and now apparently is "stuck?" But honestly, she's the only person that's had problems with QuickPay in my circle of people.

I use QuickPay for about 6 friends, of which only one is with Chase as a customer.

I can't speak to your experience, but mine has been surprisingly solid w/o the vig taken by Paypal. /shrug.


I have used Chase QuickPay numerous times with different people with and without Chase bank accounts and have never had a problem.


Has not finished the secure authentication process for three days. I have tried logging in from three different computers using three different operating systems. First and last time I ever use chase (I still need to get money).


they keep wanting to verify my account every time I receive a payment. Phone reps are clueless and unwilling to use common sense.

I wait 2-5 days, the credit never appear. I call again and they want to re-verify again. another 2-5 days.

this is bogus. thiefs and liars and should be sent to jail.