Chase recently failed to credit my account..once again..the same "business day," with a QuickPay transaction from a *family member's Chase account* to *my Chase account* (which is supposed to credit right away - Chase acct to Chase acct)..and yes, it was all handled well before/within the USA - EST time boundary limit they seem to need to lay out re: what constitutes a 'biz day,' Monday thru Friday...and that vs. QuickPay dealing with an outside/other bank account(s)...Of course, with all the e-tech available these days, those particular credits to the consumer being delayed, this should, as agreed/stated per the terms of service, this should not be happening..but instead moneis are, yet again, delayed....this transaction was done between family members, so everyone knew it should have gone through..also note: a 'regular' direct transfer (non-QuickPay) from one individual Chase account to another individual Chase account (same accounts, same family members) went through/credited immediately, on that same day.

This was able to be done only because there was a small cushion of a money amount available, to be moved, in addition to the QuickPay amount that was supposed to go through, but did not. After visting the bank (a brick and mortar branch) in real time and a call being made by a rep "stationed' there?.. ** once again, a Chase phone rep tells 'us' their Chase QuickPay computer system is having problems with the Chase account to Chase account QuickPay transactions being credited to the consumer right away..the money is just, once again, mysteriously, in limbo..again, it was deducted from my relative's account but *not* credited to my account..you all do realize? that for every day that money remains in the clutches of Chase, the bank (for it's top 1% people/investors, etc., or what co./who/ever, that benefits, of course) earns even *more* interest on it, which is not at all given to or even shared at all with the affected consumers..and sometimes, actually, often, they put the accumulated customer funds (of all customers affected by whatever scam they are peddling on any given day) in what can be considered, shady places, in order to earn shady interest.

so we're not even talking about it always being regular banking situations with them re: how they earn extra/built upon money...Banks, including Chase + bank CEO's and their other powers-that-be-partners and teammates, have been fined Millions of $$$$ over the years for their shady practices - but that's nothing compared to the B!-b!-b!-billion$ (!!) they make in profit!! Including the Billion$$ that have also gone 'missing.'...Will those, like Jamie Dimond or others, like any of his awful top 1% friends, will any of them ever serve any real prison time??..Will the real and true profits ever be shared with the consumers/customers?? vs. the customers being charged by the bank, only to have the *bank* make money from the customers' money??..in the meantime, many of us know how difficult it can be to live a modern life without at least one bank account & a credit card or two....Everyone not yet in the know should do what they can to make sure they're aware of what's really going on...and honestly, to people who blindly trust the banks and the gov't (vs.

trying to help make our, imho, mostly good gov't better, in spite of certain situations), we can be even greater, as a nation, so why stop here?...anyway, this is not about conspiracy theories, it's about the actual mechanisms (read up) of how money moves and is put to work in this world, overall: one good resource is the documentary, "Money As Debt." It's not very long and hardly the only resource re: this important info - but it gives details, in a nutshell, about what's really going on re: banking, historically + how it all got started - and how it continues to work in current times...+ how much the everyday citizen is being taken advantage of..and no, I'm not at all involved with or related to the makers of the doco. I just believe that if we're going to be getting fleeced, we should at least have a basic education about it, so we can hopefully, somehow, find our way out of it and into a better way of experiencing..and maybe one day, with some good luck + correct governmental and societal shifts, things will change for us, for the better..btw, there is also a fiction-based-on-reality film that might appeal more to some. It's called, "The International," starring Clive Owen..names & specific locations have been changed to protect the innocent, as well as the guilty, etc..but it's another option for understanding, at least the basics....Anyway, it can be difficult as well as frustrating and annoying to have to wade through all that's out there, esp. when it's all added to the most seemingly outrageous and unbelievable conspiracy concepts..but there are many resources available, some more objective, much more wholly truthful than others.

Those I mentioned are two that I'm inspired to share, after my latest and most unwelcome fiasco with Chase Bank. I hope my diatribe is forgiven and that my good intention is received by anyone who may find and read this post...and ok, a PS: before I hop off my soapbox..Why does Chase constantly have those frequent "upgrades" that only lead to problems for the customer, never the bank? Why is it that issues and mistakes are always, in the end, favoring the bank?..Banks, including Chase, seem to *ALWAYS* debit accounts re: purchases pretty much right away, with no issues..but then it comes to *CREDITING* a customer account?? Gee whiz!

Because, the consumer is way too often left out in the cold..without their money...Like a wise man I trust, he often says: the word is insane..so, everyone who can?

please help it get well, ASAP..and the-powers-that-be (TPTB), they just keep laughing, because they know citizens like me, we have no real worldly power, at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Banking Service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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