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Hello, how are you today? Have you ever gone into your online account information for Chase Bank and saw that certain withdrawls had been posted as having been cleared, or stiill pending? You look up at the top of the account page to check your balances - one is listed as present balance (meaning it may be inaccurate, depending on things that have yet to post) and the other is listed as available balance (meaning what you have left available to you, once everything pending has posted.) Upon looking at your available balance, you see that you still have funds available for certain intentional upcoming purchases, so without giving it another thought, you go and make those purchases. A few days later, you check your bank account, thinking everything should be just fine. Instead, you find that your bank purchases, deposits and withdrawls have now been rearranged in a different order so that your available balance was not actually enough to cover your purchases as opposed to what you had seen on the computer the previous time. Not only that, but the posts have also been rearranged in an order so that the big purchases clear first, (even though the other purchases were already listed as having cleared, or pending to clear) and as many small purchases as possible are then listed as not having sufficient funds and each and every one of them is covered with a 34.00 overdraft fee so that your acct is then anywhere from 100.00 to 400.00 overdrawn. All of this due to faulty online account information and ridiculously high Overdraft fees?

Well this has happened to me at least 4 times now (even when it was still WAMU), to where certain purchases had already been listed as having cleared (or pending, but most often cleared) and a few days later after future purchases have been made, the previously "cleared" purchases were suddenly listed as being made after the new purchases and overdrawn with insufficient funds.

Each time I have gone to the bank, or called them to address the situation and find out what they have to say. They then go to the most recent (updated) post and try to use it as their defense. They sometimes ask me if I have a printout of the previous day's listed transactions (the day when the funds/transactions) were all in a different order to where they were available) so they can compare the two and see. Naturally I don't think to sit there and printout my bank records every time I go online to check my account, because it's just not something that people do. I can't think of anyone who does that. So then because I don't have a printout of the previous transaction/withdrawl/deposit order, they try to claim I have no argument against them. One time I was able to prove to them that they were in the wrong, two of the managers walked off into a corner to discuss the situation. One was clearly annoyed that I proved them to be wrong. Instead of clearing all the charges as they should have, they agreed to clear half the charges and that was the best they were willing to offer. I am fed up with Wamu/Chase listing faulty information on my online account for "available funds", especially after seeing that certain charges had already been listed as having "cleared" with available funds leftover, and a few days later, the same charges are suddenly listed as having cleared at a later date, and not having had sufficient funds, thus leading to an overdraft fee.

If anyone is able to follow this E-mail and can relate to this issue, and has had the same thing happen to them, please let me know. I am hoping to find enough people to file a class-action lawsuit against them. This misleading/faulty information has to stop, and I refuse to believe that it is legal to repost charges as having gone through at a different time and/or date compared to when they were posted as having gone through a few days prior, so that newer charges can be put through ahead of them, thus leading to overdraws. Fortunately, this time I have bank receipts to prove my funds were available for certain same-day withdrawls and deposits that were posted accurately the day I made them, and then reposted in a completely different (and incredibly incorrect) order a few days later, thus leading to my account being seriously overdrawn. Unfortunately, I do not have a printout of the day that my account transactions were listed as having completly cleared with available funds leftover, before they went and rearranged things causing several things which had previously been cleared to then be overdrawn.

I have spoken to other people I know who have Chase (and previosuly WAMU) bank, who have experienced the same issue and are equally as upset about it. If you are one such person and are interested in joining this group, please let me know. It's time to for all of us (especially the little people, like me who can't afford such aggravations) to do something about this and put an end to false information and illegal bank activity. So please reply to this message so we can gather up as many dissatisfied customers as possible, and in the meantime, please make sure to make printouts of all your oline bank activity for every day you go to check it, that way we have as much evidence as possible to prove these people are clearly in the wrong!!!

Thank you for your time - I look forward to hearing from you all. Until then have a great day. And if anyone knows of any good banks that don't go out of their way to screw their customers over every opportunity they get (even if they have to create the opportunity themselves) then please let me know.

Sincerely Melissa L.

(Furious and Fed Up Chase Bank Customer)

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Online Banking.

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Are you still trying to make this happen?


I've had the exact same thing happen to me as well as my fiancé. This is not right and I'm so tired of being taken advantage of by this big corporations.

It's ridiculous.



this happened to me today absolute ***! im cancelling chase fricken crooks man im tellin you.


Chase online records are totally unreliable. I'm switching to a credit union. Charges appear, disappear, reappear; who knows what's going on in their computer system, but it's not good banking.


I have had this same problem so many times I've started to believe the hype. to "..." the whole point of online banking is to have an up to date listing of every transaction, so to suggest that record keeping on our parts is the problem is outrageous.

I have often kept track and checked against chase only to come up wrong according to how they list transactions. I'm sure I've been charged for items more than once; imagine, i deposit say, 60.00. I spend 20. that should leave me with 40.

check available bal: 40.

spend that 40. two days later overdrawn by 20, because of whatever.


The issue is not that one does not keep track of ones finances. The issue is why are the banks allowed to lie to you and purposely provide inaccurate information?

What reason, other than to mislead and to confuse, could a financial institution have for posting inaccurate and false information? The financial institutions advertise this service.

Is this not false advertising? The comment above is correct though.....a lawyer will have a field day with that.


melissa, u need tto quit relyin on the inteernet and keep track of your own finances, chase lawyers will demolish you...good luck with that one