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I have 4 accounts at Chase. 2 checking and 2 savings. Each checking was always linked to a savings...just in case.

I was shocked yesterday that my checking account was heavily overdrawn and that in 48 hours they had charged me $292 in non-sufficient fund fees. Meanwhile, my "linked" savings account did not cover any of the shortfall.

I have never had to rely on overdraft protection in the 7 years I was with WaMu. It was just there because it seemed the smart thing to do.

I was told that I was charged nine $33 penalties because I repeatedly overdrew my account. How is that possible? 1. I wrote no checks because I used my debit card which withdraws directly from my account and 2. I'm linked for protection (which again, I have never used before)

A charge came through that was unexpected because it was supposed to posted to another account. They moved that charge to the front of the line so that the other 8 charges were further putting me in the red so that they could charge me $33 per item. I argued that: 1. they already approved the other 8 charges and that they were shown as "pending" transactions to my account and 2. the larger item came in after. They said if it happens on the same business day, they automatically pay the highest item first. OF COURSE THEY DO! They were able to charge me $292 instead of just $33.

They said their "threshold" is a $66 reversal. I told them my threshold is all but one. I am willing to pay the $33 for the one that put us in the red, but no more. I will pull all four accounts if they do not comply. Seems that they will not likely do it because the chat boards I am reading illustrate that this is the business model of steal their customers' money.

They also told me that I would have only had a $12 fee if my accounts were linked...which they are NOT. Huh? They always were before.

A sidenote...the October 26 online switchover messed up many of my bill pay nicknames and erased my records. This caused me to pay a wrong account for my annual renewal of my insurance, which in turn caused me to have my homeowner's insurance policy lapse, which caused me to get a nastygram from my mortgage holder telling me I was in violation of my agreement and then I was charged $39 fee to reinstate. GOOD GRIEF!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Online Banking.

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I was also familiar with this scheme of re-stacking from First Merit. They argue that this is good because it prevents a customer who is trying to pay a rent or mortgage payment, which is in theory at least, more important, and prevents that from going back unpaid.

When confronted about the fact that it does more intentional damage, that regular people, assuming they are not rich can't afford, they just say something like "well yeah that's true, but...unfortunately that's how the ball bounces."

I thought it was a lost cause at first to file a complaint with the better business bureau for my problem with Key, but after waiting a few weeks and working my way up the company ladder talking to the execs.

I finally did get results! I would recommend to anyone having a legitimate complaint, save all your documentation and dates and names you talked to and go to www.bbb.og

They may be able to help you some there but you will have to get a hold of the appropriate branch.


My account went into the same situation last weekend. I suggest you go to the bank again and ask them if they know what the going rate for an "Unconcionability" Lawsuit settlement is.

IF Im not mistaken it's about 10 times what they charged you and you still get to disaffirm your contract with them. And thats just in Small Claims court...

Chase would have the option of A) being decent human beings or B) Getting sued, losing money, AND losing business all in one shot.