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Since 2008 have tried to get help with them on my mortgage. Told no, I was 'upside down' on loan.

16 months later I finally get them to approve my Deed in Lieu workout. Told all would be finished within 30 days. 1 week later receive letter stating they have dropped my application for DiL because a defect in the title was discovered. They offered no help into what the defect was, nor who I could/should contact to get this resolved.

After months of phone calls I finally get Chase's law firm who inform me of the exact problem and how to fix it. I send their lawyers a document that would 'clean up' the title so I could move forward again to the DiL. Their lawyers sat on it for over 3 months then I get a, literally, frantic call from Chase imploring me to fax over a ton of documents so I can get the deed in lieu before foreclosure proceedings begin. I do this, they acknowledge they got it, the next afternoon I served with court papers for the foreclosure.

I'm still in contact with Chase and their law firm trying to work through this and, lo and behold, I get a letter saying that LBPS (IBM Loan Servicing Company) is the new owner of my mortgage and I must deal exclusively with them. LBPS tells me I have to re apply for the DiL with them, doesn't matter what was agreed to with Chase.

So I'm now stuck with either jumping through the hoops again and, having read many complaints about LBPS, probably wasting my time, or just walk away and wait for the foreclosure. Thanks Chase, for helping me go crazy all for naught....

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Mortgage.

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