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Payments are sent each and every month within the period allotted by the bank, it takes the checks approximately two to three weeks for them to clear, telling you that they are not immediatelt posted to the account as they state. They have charged me a total of 350.00 for some payments that the USPS may not have delivered on time, if they were late, because they were mailed in plenty of time.

They flatly refuse to remove the charges stating that they have a policy of one removal per year, when asked where is this policy in writing, they stated, they are not required to show their policy in writing, under the banking laws they most certianly are, as well under state banking laws. This bank is guilty as all *** of bilking the public out their hard earned money,this Bank, Chase Bank should be avoided at all costs, avoid doing any business with this organization under any cirsumstances, there are more incidents, but this page does not allow the room for print of it. Take our word for it stay away from Chase Home Finance, and Chase Bank in General.

Consumer Beware, if you do not heed this article you will have deserved what you get.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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My heart breaks for each and every circumstance here. I have been either a science teacher or school administrator for the past 10 years.

In June I received notice that my position was being abolished due to budget cuts. We have our mortgage with Chase. Simultaneously Chase added 500.00 to our current mortgage payment ( paid regularly for 1.5 years) stating they "noticed" a deficit in escrow? No prior our payment increased from 3,464 to 3,964 the same month I lost my position.

Thankfully my husband still has his position, however, on Long Island, dropping to one income with three kids in college left us unable to make the regular payment, let alone the increased payment. We started the loan modification process in July and were notified our three trial payments would be close to what the reduced payment would be once approved for final modification 2,800. The 3 mos turned into 7 mos. During this time I am still unemployed and receive the maximum 405.00 weekly in unemployment.

We faxed and resubmitted the same documents time and again. Every month we received late statements with no record, other than my bank statements, showing the reduced payments made monthly. Finally we receive the fedex with the final paperwork. I will not waste time including the hours and hours on hold, talking to representatives that had conflicting stories on the same day, and the emotional and physical impact this has had on our lives.

I see we have all experienced the same incompetence and lack of decency provided by Chase. I open the FEDEX with trembling hands, tears of joy streaming down my face....yes the 2800.00 monthly will continue to be a struggle but we can remain in our home right??????

Chase added over 21,000 to our principal increasing it from 354,000 to over 370,000, our monthly payment ongoing will be over 3,400 a month. 67.00 a month less than when we started this whole process. Mind you, it arrived stating I have 12 days to sign and return.

I left 27 messages for the loan negotiator. Not one returned. I spoke to 9 chase employess in the loss mitigation office before one connected me to the negotiators supervisor voice mail. I left 6 messages with him without response.

Finally another Chase representative emailed the loan negotiator internally and her supervisor. The negotiator finally called me. When I questioned her figures... we were given a drop in interest rate from 6.75% to 4.75% and yet the monthly payments were 67.00 less?

She stated that we have a balance of 39,000 dollars due and that was the best they could do for us. When I got up off the floor...I asked her how we had a 39,000 past due amount when we have been making the required payments and had not been late at the onset of this process, she could not answer. 3 days and a nervous break down later,I contacted the executive office for Chase today at 3:00 PM EST. By 3:45 the negotiator called me and said that even though she knew nothing would change..she would have her supervisor( the one who did not return over 16 voice mail messages from me prior) look over the account!!!

I have 4 days left to sign and return this modification before the whole thing expires.

What Chase is doing to loyal, hard working and honest customers is criminal!!

Contact me if interested in a class action suit!! These people have destroyed my health and my life!!!


Worse no non consumer friendly bank in the american system. They should be out of business.


This Bank Chase should be shut down completely in the They cheat the public:p


To Micheal.

I am in the process of disputing this same company for the same reason.

I made every payment with Western Union to have immediate confirmation of the payments. Chase has lost one of the payments therefore I am somehow at fault.

I moved to paying via Western Union from sending a bank check because they would hold the bank checks for weeks on end.

Seems that they do the same with Western Union also.


Why is this the banks fault? Use online banking and you won't have this problem...

*** victim alert *** :cry