Hope Mills, North Carolina
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Chase should be closed down this very second and never be able to start a business again.All they do is cheat hard working people out of their money.If you deal with them it will cost you one way or the other.I lost over $20,000.00 because they sold my loan to another company and I didn't know it until they had a forclosure on my house.Just like it has happened to most of you on this site.They sold to Wachovia and I can't get it off my credit,I didn't borrow from Wachovia,I never owed them a dime.Chase really laid it to me,I hope enough people get together and put them out of business.Their nothing but Crooks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Loan.

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How could you not know you had a mortgage payment that had to be paid each month, keeping you from a foreclosure status??? it does not matter who your loan gets sold too...heck it happens all the time to most home oweners....what is not clear about your statement....is how in the heck you tought you didn't have to make a payment...you get a statement in the mail telling you who your loan is sold too.

Worse case, call and ask customer service of either company to get some answers.????

You loan being sold does not get you out of your contractural obligation nor is it their fault. You promised to pay and didn't.